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looking for one of the following.

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I've been looking for a co2 powered version of any of these pistols. The reason I'm looking for these certain pistols is because they are the only ones which will fit my holster.
I've been looking for about a week now and couldn't find anything which I know for a fact will fit so now I'm asking here.

Has anyone seen a co2 version of the following?:
glock 17 (possibly 18 as well?)
glock 22
glock 31
s&w m&p
cz sp01 cadet
cz sp01 shadow
s&w 99 full sized
walther 99 full sized
ruger 345
ruger sr9
sig 226

I found a possible sig 226 however I'm not sure how close the size is to the real thing b/c of the manufacturer.

I really prefer the Glock over the others however it seems like not many manufacturers made them.
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Co2 guns are short lived. I would stay away from Co2 GBBs pistols. If you don't believe me start calling major retailers and ask their tech guys, not their salesmen. They are kinda like the "Lipo ready" gimmick for AEGs. I have run my TM on CO2 and HPA but between 70-130PSI (air rig) which is a huge difference from unregulated gas. I have also upgraded the piss out of it. Why can't you use propane/ green gas or red gas? And yes, it'll be cheaper just to get another $30 holster.

If you are insisting on CO2 I would consider asking these questions on the GBB forums besides here. They would know more about Co2 and pistols and what it takes to keep them skirmish-able enough to see a return on the cost in upgrades, if thats even possible. You could also just say you love airsoft, spurge and we'll understand while you run late on your bills.

An external air rig and a small Co2 bottle would be cheaper than a new replica and you could convert the mags you already have. I would use fittings that have the same threads as your mag's fill valves. Take the fittings out in spring and reinstall the fill valves. On top of that, you have an air rig which are a piece of cake to sell if you don't want it for other projects. I walk my velocity up to 400FPS (315 w/ .3g) in my 1911 and can shoot out to 200' with it. Its pretty awesome. 350FPS is still great but we allow 0 MED for 400FPS in semi-auto which still really hurts, but eh, paintball was worse.
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If you take the fill valves out and figure out the threads, which will most likely be metric, you can order fittings that will be "drop in" and all you would need to do is unscrew them and replace the fill valves in the spring. No drill press or tap needed, no tapping, no drilling just swapping parts. Running regulated gas in a GBB is fine. Just start off at a low PSI and slow increase it until you get to the factory velocity with green gas at room temp or rear 300FPS. Take note of that PSI setting and from then on you'll be able to run stock velocity without any cool-off. I have a highly upgraded TM so I use more pressure if I want but you can raise your velocity without raising your PSI with 6.01 TBB, high flow valves and heavy BBs.
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