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looking for one of the following.

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I've been looking for a co2 powered version of any of these pistols. The reason I'm looking for these certain pistols is because they are the only ones which will fit my holster.
I've been looking for about a week now and couldn't find anything which I know for a fact will fit so now I'm asking here.

Has anyone seen a co2 version of the following?:
glock 17 (possibly 18 as well?)
glock 22
glock 31
s&w m&p
cz sp01 cadet
cz sp01 shadow
s&w 99 full sized
walther 99 full sized
ruger 345
ruger sr9
sig 226

I found a possible sig 226 however I'm not sure how close the size is to the real thing b/c of the manufacturer.

I really prefer the Glock over the others however it seems like not many manufacturers made them.
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I just went through all of them and from what I can tell all but one I know for sure won't fit or I can't buy spare magazines with them.

Alot of them are either sub compacts or they are competition barrels which would make them not fit in the holster.

can anyone comment on the specs of the TFC glock? How close is it to the g17?
^a picture of that holster with the px4. You'll see why I can't use compacts or competition versions.

I originally bought it for my px4 however since it is getting to the point that green gas isn't an option I am looking for a co2.

Also, since the holster was so expensive I would feel stupid if I bought another just so I could use it in the winter months. Plus left hand level 3 holsters are so hard to find. (I prefer the level 3 because I was absolutely tired of the gun falling out of the holster every time I took a knee or started running.) I can literally do anything with this holster and not worry about it falling out. Even if I do brush open the thumb snap.
What do I need to upgrade internally though so it can run the co2 mags. I know with the higher pressure you need something a little more upgraded.
Ugh at that point I might as well get a co2 m9 or 1911 and buy the holster for it.
This is why:
ksc g18c: 150 on WGC
2 ra-tech mags: 80 on ebay
upgrade parts: probably about another 50

I'll be in another 280 (lets not even talk about shipping) for something I only really planned on using in the winter.
Yeah I knew that co2 GBBs really are short lived. I've read a couple things about them and my preferred choice was always to get nbb co2 for the cheapness and decent performance.
The reason I also can't use green gas at the moment is that it is just to cold. I get about 2 or 3 shots and then the rest of the shots either won't push the loading nozzle far enough back to load another bb or it won't do anything at all.

I'll also admit my knowledge about gas guns is really limited. I would really like to learn how to tap mags for a co2 or hpa rig, however I'm afraid that I may just waste money on fittings and break $30+ mags in the process. Also, with a lack of a drill press at my current residence I feel like the job above would be made 50x harder.

I do have a question though. Can you run tapped mags in an un upgraded gun. Granted it still has a metal slide and decent internals.
I would be willing to pay someone to tap the mags for a co2 rig however there really isn't anything upgrade wise out right now for the px4 other then a loading nozzle and hi flow valve. I also don't care if the FPS remains the same. I just want the damn thing to work year around whether its -5 or 95.
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Now that I just got home I went and checked the screw size of the fill valve. It is the same thread as what is used on the back of a v2 spring guide. Fancy that I didn't have to do to much searching. Now to remember what the metric equivalent of that screw is lol.

EDIT: m5 .80 pitch is what I found on the internet.
EDIT 2: I'm not really sure what I'm looking for here.

Other then something that'll fit the thread that I currently have.
I see 10-32 quick disconnects. Although I'm worried that with the conversion from metric to ANSI I won't be able to get a good seal. Do I have real cause for concern?
See this is where I wish I had more experience in this sort of thing.
The male connector looks like a female connector. Do the two brass pieces fit over each other in order to make a connection? Or is it the two orange pieces pushing together.
Sorry if I seem really stupid asking that question, but from the pictures I can't tell. Also, google doesn't seem to want to help me right now as I can't find anything where a connection has already been made.

Also, I'm not even sure I can use that in the first place (if the brass pieces need to fit over each other) because the hole for the fill valve is recessed a little. Maybe a 1/5" in and the OD of that hole until it starts threading is 1/4".

If that is the case It looks like I'll have to either find something smaller which I doubt i'll be able to do.
Or have to talk to people about machining something out for me.
Yeah I saw that. It is more like a g19 however is 1mm or so longer then the 19 length. So they effectively made it so it wouldn't fit into any hard shell holsters.
That is to go along with the power booster carbon which looks like it was discontinued as I can't find any information about it on any online stores. Only found information about it through old forum posts. So there is no way for me to find out what size quick disconnect piece I need to complete the line.
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