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looking for one of the following.

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I've been looking for a co2 powered version of any of these pistols. The reason I'm looking for these certain pistols is because they are the only ones which will fit my holster.
I've been looking for about a week now and couldn't find anything which I know for a fact will fit so now I'm asking here.

Has anyone seen a co2 version of the following?:
glock 17 (possibly 18 as well?)
glock 22
glock 31
s&w m&p
cz sp01 cadet
cz sp01 shadow
s&w 99 full sized
walther 99 full sized
ruger 345
ruger sr9
sig 226

I found a possible sig 226 however I'm not sure how close the size is to the real thing b/c of the manufacturer.

I really prefer the Glock over the others however it seems like not many manufacturers made them.
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Well man I'm sorry. I'll keep looking out for ya and see if I can find anything that might be of use.
That is to go along with the power booster carbon which looks like it was discontinued as I can't find any information about it on any online stores. Only found information about it through old forum posts. So there is no way for me to find out what size quick disconnect piece I need to complete the line.
braytography said:
Just an FYI
GO SIG P226!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are comparing your spring gun to the pitol he is getting? Seriousy?
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