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Looking for people from the west coast...

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I'm not sure where this should go, but since this is the everything else forum... All you east coast people and Europeans have been making me insanely jealous. You guys with your big AMAZING fields, your higher (and logical) FPS limits and legitimate games.

I have tried the site search and did a google advance search of the intro forum looking for people in California (specifically the bay area) to no avail.

So if there is SOMEONE out there that is experienced on this end of the world it would be awesome to know about, I've been itching to get out to a real game...
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Lion Claw is a good place to start ---
They host games all over the country but once or twice a year they have games in Southern California with 200-500 players.

Desert Fox Fields in Victorville, CA. ---
Host games monthly.

Combat Enterprises is around the Bay area ---

Airsoft Playground is in LA ---

Hope that helps...
Cali is a Airsoft Hotspot, once you go up north though...things dry up real fast.
yeah... I really should have played more while i was in LA... theres not so much up in the Bay area.... unfortunately it looks like ive already found most of it... and its slim pickings :(
No I'm talking about way up in the sticks, you know Ohreegohn ;)
Portland has a lot from what I hear... but I can't confirm since I don't get up there much anymore.
mmmmmmm... id love to migrate that way... but from what i hear the job market isnt much better there than it is here... damn economy...
Yah except for it's all CQB and it's all friggin gone outa business.
ah, kinda like LA then... most of the stuff in LA was CQB, although there were more outdoor fields too...
I'm just envious of the outdoor fields you all have.

Most of the ones in Hong Kong are quite small and very man made most of the time. These small fields actually push people to camp more so they won't have to die so soon.

Its also really hard to do objective style games as well. >.<
m from Santa Rosa,CA.

i just airsoft in the giant fields around Jack London Elemantary
ah, do you ever make it up to vacaville for the civilian army games? ive been hoping to get up there for a while
I seem to remember a group that played on or around the houseing sectino of old Fort Ord army base.

Ill have to look through my list of favorites and see if I can find it.

But you could try a google search for Fort Ord Airsoft.

Well I found this real quickly

but I dont know which one was the one I was thinking of. there was a team Im remembering that plays regularly on the old part of the base, with permission if I remember correctly. And there is a Recondo school to the south that is taught by a for real special forces guy.
The guys that play at ord are the roundhouse productions guys... not very friendly and really bad refs IMO. I have been thinking about going back there as it has been a few years since I played their field, but since all of my guns are in excess of 400 they wont let me on. Ive only seen one sniper there before that was over 400, but that was just because he got special preference because he knew the guy that owns the studio that puts it on...
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