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Looking for Scope Recommendations

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you could point me into the direction of a good scope with these specifics.

3-9x50 with illuminated mil-dot reticule

Now I'm not sure how common it is, but I would like it if the illumination could be turned on to different brightness levels and also have an off function where it would become just like like any other mil-dot/non-illuminated reticule. A scope like this would be my dream scope so if you guys have any good ideas of where to find one I would greatly appreciate knowing about it.

Thanks in advance guys.
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Google - BAM:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&biw=993&bih=797&wrapid=tlif132587834665010&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=3019872635145777098&sa=X&ei=VkwHT7L9MqPisQLTz_SRCg&ved=0CLABEPMCMAU#

IMO - 50 is a little too huge, and the illuminated scope I have on my ASR is pretty much useless for illumination. Can't see it/useless in day light and lights up the objective lense in low light/night so there's a floating red light right in front of my face.
I'm with Bob, 50 is a little huge. Normally 40 is good enough, and you don't need high profile rings. What do you think about this one?
I currently have a UTG 3-9x50 illuminated mil-dot scope. It has fully adjustable brightness with two colors red and green. And it function as a normal scope with the illumination turned off ;)
I love this thing!! I purchased it off amazon for about $80 with scope rings (it does not come with any rings). You can't beat this deal!
I Highly recommend it.

- Topa
I have a Leapers 3-9x50 illuminated mil dot reticle. Do you live in the states?
I use a 50mm and have a 328fps gun. I simply like the wide FOV and the extra light getting in (I use mesh googles)

Ebay has some dirt cheap scopes.
the3rdeye88 said:
I have a Leapers 3-9x50 illuminated mil dot reticle. Do you live in the states?
I do!
I'd like to get rid of it. It's basically brand new. It's still in the box and everything, I tried to sight it in before, buy the gun was shooting to the right and could never get it zero'd properly so the turrets are way off as it is. Pm me and we will see what we can work out.
I like the 50 for the wide F.O.V. mainly and because it helps a lot during dusk/night games. Night and dusk games are also the reason for the illumination. Otherwise I would't need the illumination at all.

Thanks for the link and the info about the Leapers scope! That is exactly what I am looking for.

@ the3rdeye88 - Yes, I do live in the states. Southeast MI to be exact. How is the condition of your scope? I will PM you as well.

Thanks for all the help guys!
Never did understand how the illumination can help at all. Seems like it would only make things worse. I'm with bob on this one.

I usually just get whatever is at WalMart. They are cheap and work well enough for airsoft.
I never really use it. Also that is agood deal mate, the scope hase adjustable from the outside (don't know the name) turrets.
It's got the locking turrets that you can reset to zero once you get it dialed in. I'd really like to get rid of it. I don't have anything to put it on and I'm building an AK DMR.

I know this isn't a commerce thread, but I happened to have what he was looking for.
the3rdeye88 said:
At night or dusk/twilight/sunrise/sunset.
Seems like it would just give away your position due to the light, but oh well..
the3rdeye88 said:
The reticle is illuminated.
Was this directed towards me? I understand it's illuminated; that's what I was saying might "give the person away."
I thought you meant the scope was illuminated in some other way. I don't see how it could give your position away.
You're all stupid, the scope itself is lit up neon green.
inthetallgrass said:
You're all stupid, the scope itself is lit up neon green.
Yeah, which would light you up at night and give away your position. How am I stupid for saying this? Would the light be visible to others or not?
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