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Looking for the edge?

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Well the new Airsoft Commando swag is sure going to make you look like you've found it!

Seriously though, the project is back underway. I spend days designing the logos and images for the cafepress stuff. Some of it is so cool looking I wish I could afford to own some of my own product!

I did the M9 review as well. I'm going to auction it off instead of give it away to pay for domain and host so the whole project will flow a little more smoothly.
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Bad ass man, if you need people to help promote your stuff out in the Michigan area, you know you got me and Oakey and a few others.
Heck hit me up with some stickers or what not
I have told most of the people that i play with about the site .....
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Thanks guys. If there are any big games coming up in your area I might consider the value of giving you some swag to hand out.

Right now though, I have NO job so anything requiring money is going to require approval from my "personal financial assistant" and she is a little on the leery side of spending money for promoting an airsoft project I don't actually take IN any money for...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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