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I Bought a AAC T10 not too long ago and was wondering about some upgrades to do to it.

This is what ive done to it:
AAC T10 Black
AAC Red Hop-Up
Maple Leaf Autobot 80%
Tridos TDC 2.0 With Black Tridos Nub
Maple leaf Suppressor(Going to fill it with something but im not sure what)
Teflon on cylinder threads

So I bought the Rapax 3J Spring and it didn't fit because the Spring guide and Piston isn't compatible with it and was thinking of going For the SCW Piston,SCW Spring guide and Rapax 3J or just a laylax spring as someone said it was quieter and id like it to be both precise and silent. Im gonna upgrade to the SCW Piston some day soon anyways so im not sure which setup to go for and if im going for just the laylax spring which one will get me the same FPS as the rapax spring.

Also it sounds like it has good airseal but the airseal test doesn't work maybe im doing something wrong but its weird?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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