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If you get one that is bendable you can bend it to perfectly fit the L96 stock. Umm I have used this one.
Well actually my friend uses it and it works for him.
This one I don`t think would work but it is cheaper.

This the one I run and is very nice.
Conforms to your face and is nice and squishy. I have this and I LOVE IT!!!
Problem is add a little foam to the top of the nose piece so it doesn`t hurt you so bad. You will know what I mean when you wear it will your goggles.

Advantages to a mesh mask.
Goggles don`t fog because your breath leaves straight out.
Flexible so you can form it to your gun.
Safety reason because I have safety checked it will a high fps rifle. Because it is mesh bb fragments might get through.
If you are hardcore sniper and love crawling in mountains you might get some crap in your mouth. There are ALOT of bunnies where I airsoft and they leave doo doo everywhere.

Advantages to a Iron face
Squishy can form to your gun`s cheek well.

Painful if you don`t put foam there
Can fog your goggles.

Choose whatever you like.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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