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LRB doesn't work

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So I drilled four holes near the end of my barrel and put screws in to adjust the bend of the inner barrel.(cheese man's idea). I would adjust the barrel down and it would make it shoot down, I would adjust the barrel to bend up and it the bb would go up at about 175-200 feet and then back down at about 220(it didn't really give me any more range).

So no matter what way I would bend the barrel it gave me no additional range. My accuracy did slightly improve when it was bent down. So what's going on? I thought the LRB is suppose to give you more range?:shrug:
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Also just to clarify, it doesn't always have to give you more "range". It might just give you more consistent and accurate shots. You also need to have the hopup tuned to it.
^^^Very much this^^^ :shot:

If you are using a gun that is putting out more than 450fps its unlikely you will notice any range increase, past that it will litteraly be an increase in shot to shot stability given to the BB

The LRB concept was, after all, designed to increase the range of guns doing sub 300 fps, back in the days when 300fps was ''high powered'' and .2 BBs were heavy weight, and, and also before what is now deemed the conventional nub styled rubber and hop arm were invented by TM in all their wisdom. :cheers:

What Mr juggler failed to mention is that the curve should be also tuned to the fps AND the BB you are using, if you dont the results will be satisfactory at best.....

The results you are seeing is from 'over bend' in the LRB, and as masterjuggler correctly states, you should be measuring this, not guessing. :yup:

Its also worth bearing in mind that a high fps rifle with a long barrel will require less of a bend than a shorter barreled rifle firing at lower fps, so if your using a 500+fps rifle with a 600+mm barrel I'd start with a 1mm bend and work from there...... I know for a fact a 425fps rifle with a 310mm barrel only needs 2.5mm bend to make it work......

......And all this assumes a standard nub style hop, add in a long hop of some description and all the perametres change :doh:
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