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LRB doesn't work

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So I drilled four holes near the end of my barrel and put screws in to adjust the bend of the inner barrel.(cheese man's idea). I would adjust the barrel down and it would make it shoot down, I would adjust the barrel to bend up and it the bb would go up at about 175-200 feet and then back down at about 220(it didn't really give me any more range).

So no matter what way I would bend the barrel it gave me no additional range. My accuracy did slightly improve when it was bent down. So what's going on? I thought the LRB is suppose to give you more range?:shrug:
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Well when I bent it down it would almost negate the hop up eff.
And I have a berrel spacer made of paper at the back of the barrel. It is really tightly wrapped so I doubt it is moving.
Alright, I was just estimating. I will measure next time. I will report back if measuring it doesn't work.
Thanks for the help!
I just did some more testing and figured out the LRB does nothing. I probably have the most inaccurate gun out there
Well I adjusted it from .5 millimeters to 4 and didn't ever notice a difference in the bb.
I will try testing one more time. And should you sand the r-hop patch down enough to were when the screw it completely loose the bb doesn't curve up at all?
Well when you apply hop it should curve up a little so it can go farther? that's kinda how a real gun works.
And at about 200 feet I cant really even hit a man size torso.
I didn't mean the bullet curves up but it shoots higher. If you aim right on the bulls eye then it will shoot an inch high at 100 yards so at 200 it will hit bulls eye. So you want the bb to do something similar.
But even with no hop, (and I know the r-hop isn't touching the bb because when i look into the barrel the patch is above the inside rim of the barrel), it is still curving up then falling down. And this is with out the LRB.
So I don't know what is making the bb curve up.
Yeah I think master juggler is right. The nub needs to be sanded down more. And I will see what the LRB does with no hop.

So I shot it with out the patch so there was nop hop and the LRB did nothing. Should I be shooting at a target to see the grouping? Because im shooting out at a distance and watching the pattern of the bb.....Im shooting at a wall from about 150 feet away with no hop and it is barely making it. I apply the LRB and it still barely makes it and the pattern of the bb is still not very consistent. I'm about to give up on it and unless somebody can show me results using it then I don't think it does anything.
Ok well master juggler said to try with out hop I was using LRB with hop up and the only notice I saw is that the bb was flatter, not more accurate but flatter. It didn't Curve up as much.
And Im just watching the bb pattern, so it doesn't really matter how good of a shot I am, even though I have been shooting guns since I was about 7.
And the bb pattern is all over the place. I'm just trying to get the bb to fly straight right now, with out shooting way off to the left or right.
Hmmmm alright. So my bb still isn't flying very straight. Would an upgraded barrel fix this problem or should I tinker with the patch some more? Or a combination of both
I kinda can't try it with out the r-hop because I have already got rid of the mound. And I have cleaned my barrel a dozen times, I doubt the barrel being dirty is the problem.
And if the LRB is suppose to make the shot more stable and consistent then shouldn't that translate to being more accurate and flying straighter? Because all it is doing is flying flatter,not straighter, when I apply hop up
Yeah I'm going to try fixing up another r-hop patch.

And would you happen to know what tight bore barrel and bucking would work with the stock mb04/l96 hop up? I have been looking but haven't really found a good answer
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