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Hi everyone!
I have been looking through many different rifles, I have decided on the airsoft gi g700, or customizing my own m110.
Right now I am more for the m110, if anyone may know of a good base gun I should use for a fairly low price, I would appreciate it.

My plan:

1) Study up on the m110, parts, pictures, models, and anything else.

2) When I finally have an understanding on the m110, I will find a base gun to use as a platform.

3) After finding a good starting platform, I expect to find some parts. Right now, I have already found some parts such as the stock, barrel, and a few other things.

4) Finally having the base gun, and the parts, I will start construction on the m110.

I will keep a thread updated with pictures and information from when i begin.

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Echo 1 has a couple that might work for you...

1.) Echo 1 Barret Rec 7 - $230 (Airsoft GI)

2.) Echo 1 Stag 15 M16 DMR - $205 (Airsoft GI)

3.) G&G Full Metal GR-25 SPR - $410 (Airsoft GI)

4.) Classic Army Full Metal CA25 - $379 (Airsoft GI) Just remove the Silencer

I put the G&G -- CA in there because sometimes Starting with a better Weapon platform lets you spend less money on upgrade parts.

Happy Hunting

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Here's another possibility for a base AEG.

JG SR25K - Airsoft Atlanta - $280

Gives you a URX type rail and a 7.62 type base AEG. Plus, the gearbox is supposed to be Ver 2 compatible. Add a new stock, longer inner barrel and outer barrel, and you should have most of what you need.

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The JG is a clone or pre-rebrand of the Echo1 which is a unique replica. Uses unique cylinder heads and air nozzles and V2 pistons, cylinders, gears and M4 hopup.

The A&K is a CA clone and I heard great things about its externals. Apparently its is magnetic, meaning an improved pot metal likely, but I can't find the article I read.

G&G has a unique hopup unit but uses a V2 MB.

CA is CA. PSG1 pistons, SR-25 gears (at least the sector gear)

Not sure about the ARES M110 or the G&P. Most likely CA clones. Ares may have a quick spring swap though.
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