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I'm getting back into airsoft after 8 years or so. I recently got a CYMA M14 EBR and I have had an issue with midcap magazines not feeding correctly or really at all. I figured it was the mags and returned them and ordered new ones. I tore into the gearbox and put in a M140 spring, aluminum air nozzle with o-ring, shimmed, and new hopup nub and bucking and now I am having my midcap problem with everything.

There is no air leaks, I have checked the gear box both ways, checked the hop-up as well. If I hold the BB's in the feed tube (?) it fires fine, but if I apply too much pressure it wont fire and sounds empty. What I think is happening is the gears are pulling the tappet back but the spring inside isn't strong enough to push the tappet back forward.

Basically what I need is the next step, do I get a new tappet spring? Shave down the tappet? It's already lubed with white lithium. I just want to use this damn thing.
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