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This is a buddy Josh's G&G M14.

Internal tech work, new wires, mosfet installed by:
Kevin @

I did some modifications to the externals and paint work.
Tan paint is more a dark earth color in person. A bit light
in photo.

The M14 shoots 460fps .20's with a M115 spring installed.
internal cylinder parts were upgraded

It has amazing accuracy with a 509mm, 6.03mm EDGI installed.

Able to hit a 16oz gatorade bottle consistently at 199.6ft (measured)

I figured this type of gun/rifle would be appreciated here.
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Quite like it. The tightness of the barrel matters but the length doesn't because the barrel isn't rifled so the BB doesn't spin anymore and it doesn't make the gun anymore accurate after a certain length.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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