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there is NOT one.. (in that price point) if you are looking for a deal expect to spend around $250 - $300.

As for cheep models...

AGM, JG, Kart or Cyma M14's are clones of the TM. they are decent but need a lot of work in the gearbox to bring it up to snuff. They make a great base for a project gun.
The shopping list you will need to make it better... (& this is just the bare minimum)

  • new bushings / shims
    reshimming (very important to do with these models)
    new spring guide
    new spring
    new piston
    new piston head
    new hop up bucking
    TB barrel

Echo 1 Socom 16 (if you can find one) has a decent gearbox but is under powered in my opinion, it needs a TB barrel, new Hopup bucking and better spring.

Aftermath makes a Socom 16 you can get for around $175 but it shoots 500fps w/ .20g out of the box. For a lot of fields that exceeds the FPS limits, but you can always down grade it.

G&P, G&G, CA make decent M14's but again not in the $150 price point.

and in my opinion the best one out on the market Stock is the Tokyo Marui.

hope that helps...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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