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M16 DMR.

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I'm currently working on picking out the parts. Now, i've gotten a good idea of brands, but I need opinions.

Currently looking at:
SHS AEG (Helical) Gears 27:1 (Torque Set)
SHS High Torque Motor
SHS V2 Selector Plate
PDI 260% AEG Spring (Assuming it allows me to shoot ~520 FPS)
Modify V2 Cylinder Head
Stock Cylinder (Polished)
Systema Area 1000 V2 Spring Guide
SHS Shims
SHS Cut off lever V2
Systema 1000 Tappet Plate
Promethesus Hard (Helical) Piston
Not sure on piston head, need help there.

Looking for a solid DMR gearbox, not sure there. I'm looking at a Raptor Mosfet or something a long those lines.

Opinions? I understand SHS is a solid brand, so I did not hesitate to overlook them.
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Well, Personally, I would get 18:1 ratio gears instead of the torque gears. The motor you are using will be plenty strong enough to handle those gears. Plus your trigger response will be much faster.

I don't see a reason to replace the selector plate, tappet plate, or ARL unless they are broken. The stock parts should hold up plenty well enough.

And, because the 18:1 gears are full teeth gears, I would pick up any of the SHS pistons, they are all very cheap and very strong.

I love my Modify Polycarb Piston head. It is very strong and provides Excellent air seal for me.

I'm also willing to bet you'll need an air nozzle. Personally, I love Prometheus nozzles, but they get a little pricy. As long as the air nozzle has an o-ring though, that's all you need from it.

And don't forget that it's not the parts you put in a gearbox that makes it special, it's how you install them that's important. Tuning mods such as shimming, tappet plate sanding, teflon where it needs to go, that will really turn your gearbox into a solid DMR gearbox
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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