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M16 DMR.

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I'm currently working on picking out the parts. Now, i've gotten a good idea of brands, but I need opinions.

Currently looking at:
SHS AEG (Helical) Gears 27:1 (Torque Set)
SHS High Torque Motor
SHS V2 Selector Plate
PDI 260% AEG Spring (Assuming it allows me to shoot ~520 FPS)
Modify V2 Cylinder Head
Stock Cylinder (Polished)
Systema Area 1000 V2 Spring Guide
SHS Shims
SHS Cut off lever V2
Systema 1000 Tappet Plate
Promethesus Hard (Helical) Piston
Not sure on piston head, need help there.

Looking for a solid DMR gearbox, not sure there. I'm looking at a Raptor Mosfet or something a long those lines.

Opinions? I understand SHS is a solid brand, so I did not hesitate to overlook them.
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The Burst Wizards aren't really suitable Fets. You shouldn't skimp on shims and helical gears are a real pain in the ass to shim. In addition, the SHS HT motor will be torquey enough to pull that spring on 18:1s. The Raptor's are a little fancy for me, but neither of them allow PnP with a PWD Board which is the ultimate fail safe for lipos. For cylinder and piston heads I like ARS products. Lonex is also a very recommended brand if you want to take a look at those.
newbie said:

Here is my review of the BW KK, I have been involved in the beta versions of these for a long time. They are awsome, While the video review is only on the basic features the dmr / sniper mode works very well. I would also recommend it for all DMRs, its only shortcoming is if you do not hardwire it in and inly use the plug and play option. It is a perfectly "suitable fet" this is coming from someone with a lot of years of experience dealing with computerized mosfets
I'd like to see the technical specs of it if your so confident.
I looked at it and it still doesn't impress me. He can claim all of that stuff, but without some massive programming and algorithims, you need sensors to garuntee it 100%. The Lipo protection worries me, because it's not taking it from the tap. How hard does the maker test them? Your still stuck on the stupid block mechanism unless you end up soldering it directly and at that point, a different Fet would've come into play. Maybe for someone with little technical skill I could see, but I bet Hoggie is past that level.
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