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Hi guys.. Just want to find out what your opinion on my m24.
Just changed the internal from laylax to PDI, well worth it in my personal opinion :) :).

- ACM Bipod
- Replica Leupold M1 40mm
- Mounting Low GNP
- Camo Krylon 2 Type (TAN&OD)
- Flip Up Cover Replica Butler Creek
- Scope Extender 40 mm
- Classic Army M24 Muzzle Break
- Tanaka Sling Swivel
- Uncle Mike Cobra Sling
- CA M24 Muzzle Break

- PDI Innerbarrel 6,01 - 515mm
- PDI Hop Up Chamber
- PDI W Hop Up Rubber
- PDI Barrel Spacer 4 Pieces
- PDI Tappered Cylinder Head
- PDI Piston VC
- PDI Spring Guide
- PDI Palsonite Cylinder
- PDI Bolt Handle
- PDI End Cap
- PDI SPR 250 Spring
- FPS 470 with madbull 0,43


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@hoogle: actually i'm from indonesia, so i bought it locally, but you could find that model (leupold) at redwolfairsoft, ehobbyasia, uncompany in hongkong. They do deliver overseas. I think you could find a kingarms leupold replika around 70 usd. And i recomend gnp low mounting for that one.

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@inthetallgrass: yeah actually i'm thinking to stipple the handgrip part only, and in indonesia we do have fps limit but depending the field of course. Usually max is 470 (woodland) and we do have a very big fields, and trigger control is a must, and we don't let newbie using that kind of fps. And for bolt action sniper, we have the priviledge to go for higher fps than aeg, but we still have to maintain a reasonable distance of course.

@ctman: yeahh zeroo trigger...i'm still saving my money for that one.

Well anyway, thanks guys for your comment, really appreciate it.
O yeah one more thing does any one ever tried 210 spring with trigger stock? Could the stock trigger handle the stress?
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