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M24 mags

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I just received an M24 Military version. I got it for about $100. After a quick inspection there were a few issues. But they were small ones... no hopup nub, broken hopup o-ring, no cleaning/clearing rod, and a broken magazine.

Basically at this point I have replaced or fabricated new parts. I made a new clearing rod from a 1/4 inch wooden dowel sanded down and smoothed, then sprayed with a clear coat to keep it smooth.

At this point I am looking for some replacement magazines. I understand that these rifles use the same mags as the maruzen aps2 rifles. My question is, which company makes the most reliable mags for this rifle? I have seen a few mags around but there was no brand on the mags, and I would hate to buy one for $25 plus shipping just to have it break on me after dropping it on the ground or some such.

I bow to your greater experience in these things guys.
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Hey Mercury
all the mags I've seen are plastic and somewhat has a selection of parts for the m24
I recommend not getting the Maruzen mags for it and sticking with the CA mags. While they are supposedly "interchangeable" I've never personally had any such luck with my M24, my brothers M24, or my APS2.
So I have done some looking around and found several mags that claim to work with M24's. They look correct, but if anyone has ever used one, or knows for a fact that they do not work with the CA M24, please let everyone know. I will order a CA mag and one of the other brands and compare when they come in.

CA M24 : 25 round mag- $19.99

CA APS2 : unknown capacity - $12.00

CA Mag for M24 & APS-2 : 25 round - $15.00

These next mags I found claim to work with the CA M24 from some other posts around the web, but I'm not so sure since CA mags are not always interchangeable with other brands. Go figure.

M99 / APS2 mag - $11.00

Maruzen APS2/M24 : 25 rounds - $24.00

Like I said, I will buy one CA mag, and maybe one of the cheaper ones and see what the difference is, maybe it might be something that all you need to do is hit a small piece of plastic with the dremel or make a small addition with some gorilla glue and something else.
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I have bought and used mags from airsoftgi & nashvilleairsoft and they work great.
The first three should be good, since they're all manufactured by CA. If any of those three, you'll have problems with the second and third, though I'd venture to guess that they are really M24 mags that are being advertised as a universal mags.

The Maruzen mags, like I said did not work with my M24, nor did my CA mags work in my Maruzen.

The M99/Snow Wolf mags are supposed to be clones of the APS mags, which I would bet would also make them incompatible with the M24.
I have both the CA M24 and the M99 their mags are very similar. but not exactly..
and in comparison to the APS2 completely different.

ok here are the specs....

M24 mag
100mm long
21mm wide
42.80mm tall (BB feeding post)

M99 mag
100mm long
21.50mm wide
45.15mm tall (BB feeding post)

APS2 mag
109mm long
21.90mm wide
52.50mm tall (BB feeding post)

Now as you can see they look pretty similar but the specs show otherwise..
and the biggest problem I see in incompatibility is the width of the BB feeding post.. as seen below... the mag may fit the mag well but then not fit into the hop-up unit. As is the case with trying to use an M24 mag in the M99 with stock hop-up.

You need to be careful in finding the right ones...
but that's if you can find them at all..

Good Luck and should you find them please send me a PM so I can order spares...

hope that helps you and everyone else.
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I actually had a company in my area get the mags directly from the CA website. I'm getting them for about $17 ea. Not bad and they will be here in a few days time. I'll update with more info when I receive them.
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