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M24 Paint

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Ok guys so heres the deal i will be ordering a CA m24 soon but the thing is i will have to get it two toned painted (half of it a bright colour) as im in the uk and under 18 and also not registered, so i am wondering do any of you know where in the UK i can get a paint can that will give a similar 'rubber' finish the the tokyo marui vsr thanks very much .
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not sure if this is a necro post or not, but this thread was toward the top of the board so imma post anyway.

let me just say that i am not in the UK and that im not sure where you can get a "paint" like that. but when I read your post I was reminded of something that I used in a car overhaul not too long ago called a "rubberized undercoat". Its just a spray on rubber that provides a texture that you can then paint over if you want. I think you can get it in multiple colors, but it is usually black. here is a link for an example:

I dont know if you can get this in the UK or if this qualifies a "paint" but something like that would give you the texture you are looking for.
that looks like the kind of thing im after thanks very much :)
Please check with local laws to make sure that you are able to paint the rifle a color other than the bright green.

They did that to make sure that people don't mistake them for real fire arms and cause problems. And for being under 18 and not registered please PLEASE check with your local law enforcement on the laws.

We all would hate to see you get in trouble becasue of something that we suggested. That and we don't want anything unlawful in any country on this site, wouldn't want to give any of us a bad rep in any way.

So please check first before you paint the rifle any other color.
yeah.... 2nd on that... i have never heard of that particular variation on laws regarding airsoft guns, but it would be wise to check local laws and make sure that you aren't breaking any and find a way that you can get the effect you are looking for while still following the law if possible (the effect that is, not the law
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well i am legally allowed once i am a member of a site and i will wait until then i don't plan on breaking any laws at all :)
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