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I have decided that my m-24 will be my next project to get working properly so here it is.

The Gun: Tanaka M-24 SWS

Installed atm: G&G power bolt
G&G outer barrel
G&G tight bore inner barrel (6.03 I think)

Parts in hand: Stock inner/outer barrels
Stock PCS bolt

The Plan: External air system of some sort
Give the inner barrel a good polishing
Fix/replace the hop-up
Possibly swap back to the PCS bolt

The questions:
I've read on here and other places that the PCS bolt would be preferable to the power bolt for better consistency. Anyone know if this is true or would that issue be removed by a good regulated air system? Not to worried about this as I can just swap bolts back and forth and figure it out by trial and error.

The part I'm worried about is the hop-up. I really, really like the G&G outer barrel over the stock one, but looking at the KA/2roy hop-up unit, I'm not sure it will work with the G&G barrel. Anyone have any experience fitting these two together? ignore this, found out I was looking at things completely backwards

And if they don't fit, just how bad is the stock hop up? It seems that replacing the rubber column thingy (big ass nubbing?) that runs between the adjustment knob and the bucking with something harder like plastic might yield better hop-up consistency.

Any thoughts or comments on changes to the plan are also welcomed. Thanks all.
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