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Do you have a parts bin? If so just find a bolt that is close to size and length that you need. And if the holes are smooth, as in the threads were pulled all the way out, you are going to be better off getting a tap and dye set. Like Dutton said you can get them for fairly cheap. If you have a harbor freight or something like that near by, stop there and pick one up.

Then go to a hardware store and see if you can't find the bolt that you need. If not you are sometimes able to get an assortment of different bolts. I prefer the machine bolts, as they are a bit higher quality and the threads are nicer on them.

When you get your bolt, hold it up to the tap, the long screw looking thing with the four cuts on the side. Hold the two together to the threads mesh. You are looking to see if they match EXACTLY. When you find the proper tap, put it in your threading handle and prepare to tap your part. Just make sure that your receiver is clamped down and the holes are straight up. You don't want to go in crooked or anything like that.

Start off slow..... do a half turn, and then back off a quarter of a turn. This will break the chip and make it easer to tap the hole itself. Keep working back and forth like this until you are through the material. I usually like to go as far through the hole as I can, just to make sure that all the threads are cut and nothing is getting stuck inside of them. Back out your tap, and repeat the process on the other hole.

For a small project like this you shouldn't have to worry about any tapping fluid or anything like that. Though if you do want to use something just use some WD-40.

Good luck and take it slow, as you don't want to rush it and mess anything up.
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