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Well here is my new "toy"....... A CA SPR

I am planning on making this thing all it can be over the winter. I mean being as the M24 is already taking guys out to 280' consistently, need something I can use to run with my guys on other missions.

Already re-read through Vindi's thread, like the 5th time now. And am planning on doing some of the things he has there. Already done the inner barrel and hop up chamber.

She is shooting at a very consistent 315 fps over 10 shots. I do plan on getting her up to the 400 fps mark, so I can still use full auto if needed, but probably will never use it that fast. I know the spring is stock, the gears are a torque up set, motor is a high torque, upgraded spring guide, and cylinder. So just need to slightly upgrade the spring and she should be good to go, in regards to the gearbox.

The inner barrel runs through the suppressor, I do plan on cutting this down a little bit and possibly porting it as well, but we shall see. Of course need to play with the hop up a bit.

Damn this sport and you enablers here........
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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