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M24 upgrade questions

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Hey guys i'm looking at getting a classic army M24 military version and will want to upgrade to just under 500fps (sites limit for bolt actions is 500) and i was wondering if i got the advanced cylinder kit and a prommy 6.03 tb barrel what spring bucking and bolt handle will i need?
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mojo said:
and you are exactly right you will need a new cocking handle...
the CA Advanced Cylinder kit comes with a longer tang than the standard cylinder.

the laylax APS 2 bolt handle should work just fine... ($59.99)
Not necessarily true. CA makes 2 different advanced cylinder kits. If you needed to get an APS bolt handle, it's because you got the APS version. The M24 version you can use the stock handle, though they're complete garbage and I would replace it anyways.
mav3r1ck said:
Dutton, you posted this list a few years back about upgrade parts for the m24:

FF-PSS2-TC First Factory - Teflon Cylinder for APS2 US$102.00 US$102
GD-APS2-03 Guarder Ultra Light Aluminum Piston for APS2 Series US$29.00 US$29
GD-PT-APS201 Guarder Taper Cylinder Head for APS-2 Series US$20.00 US$20
FF-PSS2-SG First Factory - PSS2 Spring Guide for APS2 US$30.00 US$30
FF-SP-150SP First Factory - PSS2 150 Spring for APS2 US$21.00 US$21
FF-PSS2-PH First Factory - PSS2 Piston Head for APS2 US$12.50 US$12.5
GD-PT-APS208 Guarder Steel Bolt Handle for APS-2 OR & SV US$36.00 US$36
Grand Total Cost: US$250.5

WCGshop is out of pretty much everything due to it being discontinued. Im looking to put my m24 right around 540 (550 absolute MAX) and was wondering if you knew where i could get these types of parts for around the same price. I looked at some pdi stuff but it would mean closer to 500 dollars...
Give me a few days, though you likely wont find them all at one place. A few good places to try are

I'll look around at a few other sites sometime this week and let you know what I come across. Perhaps PM me when you read this to remind me about this and testing the "sniper" barrel in the PDI chamber, 'cause I'm sure it'll slip my mind.
blackshade69 said:
hey in the way of a bolt handle would one from X-Fire be compatible with the CA advanced cylinder kit?
Yes, so long as you get the M24 version advanced cylinder kit as opposed to the APS. At a quick glance over at they only carry the M24 style handle, whether it says APS or not (and looks like the picture below) it needs an M24 style cylinder.

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Probably .36s, but it's best to get a couple different weights, from a couple different brands and go out and see which shoots the best for your specific rifle.

Also, I said be careful which cylinder set you purchase because CA does produce 2 different advanced cylinder kits, one of which is APS specific, one of which is M24 specific - the only differences is the length of the piece where the handle attaches. The shorter is for the M24, the longer for the APS. I say be careful because many sites advertise them as interchangeable, which they in reality are, the difference just determines which handle you need.
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