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M24 upgrade questions

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Hey guys i'm looking at getting a classic army M24 military version and will want to upgrade to just under 500fps (sites limit for bolt actions is 500) and i was wondering if i got the advanced cylinder kit and a prommy 6.03 tb barrel what spring bucking and bolt handle will i need?
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The CA advanced cylinder kit for the m24 it comes with a 300% spring but i heard this takes u over 500 fps and im getting a prommy 6.03 so that will increase fps slightly
Cheers guys for the info i should get a decent accuracy out of this set up with .36's?
hey in the way of a bolt handle would one from X-Fire be compatible with the CA advanced cylinder kit?
Thats the one! The pictures they have show it with their own cylinders and yes i will be getting the m24 specific cylinder (CA advanced cylinder kit) and their m24 handle alonmg with the PDI hop.
My final question with the setup listed so far what ammo should i use to get the best overall range AND accuracy?
Thanks guys for the help i look forward to getting my rifle and upgrading it. i want the m24 style handle still in my opinion it looks better than the APS2 bolt handle (more realistic).Also i was thinking .36's madbulls to be specific what sort of effective range would this give me?
Ok cheers i will experiment with .36 and .4s and see what i like best
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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