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M249 advice

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Any of you have experience with m249s? I kinda need some advice. Mostly with the hopup and a mosfet for it. Just got it yesterday in a trade knowing full well its missing parts. If you guys need pics I'll take some later.
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Thats fine, not in a rush.
Woot! Just got my Bullgear shipment notice! As an FYI they now use EMS. So expect an increase in shipping fees.
Guess what showed up in the mail? My bullgear order!
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It took over two weeks to come into the US from Canada?
Time to get that 3d printer working!
Try russia. Bullgear is a Russian company.
That's what I was was gonna say

aahhh ok, I thought you got it from that Canadian dealer... just over 2 weeks is super quick then
Out of curiosity, you don't have the exact number, but did you luck out with the price as far as exchange rate? or did you get gouged with everything going on?
Price wise at the time I ordered it was the same price if I had gotten them from Evike. Shipping if I remember was $45 I think. Honestly not terrible.

Wait time for them to get signed up with a new carrier took a bit. (Used to be fedex I think or ups) From ship date till now its not bad.

Still a little better then grey shop. DHL kinda sucks.

Pretty sure you are thinking of the feed unit. Still have not found that. Speaking of Hero Outdoors, they did email me and said they did not have and I did get a refund out of them FYI. Took them a little bit but I did get it.

The piece I need goes inbetween the hopup unit and magazine, which is what I ordered from bullgear. (Mag and hopup)

For those wondering. Yes their mag is worth it if you ask me. Yes it is predominantly 3d printed, but it has very little flex. Looking it over i do not see any major problems. No zits, no strings, no signs of under extrusion, and all the parts that move are smooth operating.
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Did you test the mag on another M249?
Or did the part we make work? (I'd be surprised it working because the measurement didn't line up)

Let me know the new dimensions if you are still waiting on your 3d printer
I tested it on someone else's.

I have not had a lot of time on the weekend to work on my printer. Everytime I make the time something else takes priority.
Look at what the cat at evike finally drug in. If you think its my part I need you would be right!

I am still going to CAD the bitch out. Just out of spiteful principal. (And for someone in the future that may come across the same problem)
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I just need the updated dimensions and I can make the changes
I need a wiring genius...

Cannot get the trigger feed to work. I think I'll draw up some diagrams so someone with more brain power then I can help me figure it out. Or make something work. Diagrams will be inbound soon. I bet as soon as I post it ill see what needs to happen.
Ok here it is. For those of you wanting to know what I used to make it, it was SmartDraw.

My problem is the unconnected green leg that is supposed to activate the feed motor on trigger pull. Problem is regardless of what wire its connected to it triggers the motor to constantly run.

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This looks like a similar wiring I have for my tracer in my Maxx Hop. Obviously the Box Mag lower Assembly has alot more going on....but I think conceptually it's the same

If you want the 'Magazine Feed Motor' to operate only during trigger press, the red and green wire connected to the 'Feed Button' should both have off shoots to the 'Gearbox Motor'. You will however may need a schottky diode to protect it your box mag eletronics in the case of inverted free current

This might be able to offer you some conceptual ideas (it's for a tracer, but the big picture view is the same as far as I can tell):
Got it to work! Little spicy though.
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What was the fix? Both the wiring and missing feeding interface worked?
Both. Without the feed unit the gun is inoperable. Had to remove the mosfet from the equation. Not thrilled about it, having to revert back to the stock wiring configuration.

But at least it works as intended for now. Once I burn up the trigger switch, I'll replace it and add in this. Angel Custom Upgraded Relay Switch Assembly For M249 Series Airsoft AEG

Though at that point I'm going to just source my own relay and build it myself.

You have no mosfet whatsoever? I guess I'm so anti opening up guns at this point I do everything in my power to ensure they last as long as possible once they are cracked open. Is that angel custom relay you linked suppose to be the wiring you were trying to replicate from the wiring diagram you made?

Also just to reconfirm... the part I CAD'ed out for you...that worked? I'm surprised it worked on the first go
Did you have to do alot of post print modifications to it?

Does the boxmag feed like a dream? I was told the boxmag is always the problems for m249
Dunno yet, testing it today. At the field right now.
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