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M249 advice

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Any of you have experience with m249s? I kinda need some advice. Mostly with the hopup and a mosfet for it. Just got it yesterday in a trade knowing full well its missing parts. If you guys need pics I'll take some later.
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Also just to reconfirm... the part I CAD'ed out for you...that worked? I'm surprised it worked on the first go
Did you have to do alot of post print modifications to it?
Did not print it. Evike restocked the original part.
Well... still needs some tweaks. Locked up the gearbox, and it doesn't feed well. I expected some teething problems with a new build like that.

Did not expect my svd hi caps to completely shit the bed. They wind up but do not feed.
that is unfortunate

Where do you suspect the problem is?
Hopup unit itself. Its pretty common on the bullgear units that you have to mess with them a little to get them just right. Its just common in general with the 249 hop units.
Well. Good news and bad news. Good news is it runs well and despite the half assed job I did with the hopup, it shoots laser straight to 200ft then opens up to about the size of a dinner plate past that.

Bad news, I cooked my 11.1 in that thing. Need some bigger and higher C batteries.

I realize I'm digging out old post... but I'm curious whatever happened to this project of yours?
How is the bullgear mag feeding?
I imagine you got one of the last ones we will be seeing for a while given the russian nature of the company
When I first had it and got it aligned it worked great. But after cooking a few batteries, it has now lived in the closet. I know it now has issues feeding. Dunno if something shifted or what at this point.
61 - 67 of 67 Posts