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UTG 324 was my first sniper rifle and was ok in 2006 with dbc 6.01 tight bore and teflon mode. It shoot 375fps with .25 bb and was very accurate. Then more and more people started upgrading their AEGs and stock guns became 380-400 fps. I realized that my Echo-1 G36C has same accuracy and range. M324 was dismissed from games and used for fun and target practice. UTG released Gen3 to market with 400 fps but I wasn't going to buy same gun twice. This year I bought and installed Gen.3 upgrade but kept my tightbore and installed 6.04 inner barrel from upgrade kit on Mk12. I used M324 in last game and now its power is 385fps with .27g . Cosmetically I painted it and drilled stock to instal real steel M14 5 rounds magazine to position where real magazine should be on Steyr SSG PIIK, you can see pics on "SNIPER RIFLE CAMOUFLAGE" post. It's possible to make good airsoft sniper rifle almost from anything, but you will have to understand how it is working and replace internals (8)) to make it more accurate. - ROF doesn't matter if your enemy can't see you, if you kill every shot and have spotter with full auto or secured perimeter. 8)
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