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ive recently been upgrading a g&g m4 to be a dmr and ive run in to a few issues with it shooting correctly for example it will double feed and jam in the barrel and when it does shoot it is shooting only about 30ft then dropping

the upgrades on it include

Angel Professional Shim Set

Bravo High Performance Polycarbonate Piston with Metal Teeth

Guarder Aluminum Ventilation Piston Head

Guarder S130 Spring

Guarder Steel Gear Set (Standard)

JBU 8.25 inch Aluminum Mock Silencer

Mad Bull Shark Hop Up Bucking

Modify Cylinder Head

Modify M16 AEG Cylinder (Type-0)

SRC Ultra Torque Motor (Long Type)

Systema Area 1000 Spring Guide Version 2

9.6v 3800mah Tenergy Large Battery (NiMH)

JBU M16 Sniper Conversion Kit

Masamune 6.01mm tightbore Barrel (640mm)

Small to Large Battery Connector

Madbull M16 Length outer barrel

Echo 1 M16 A2 Stock

all of it was installed by a tech at a local shop and it still has that problem

i have a budget of about 300ish to get it working right if any one has any idea of how to fix it would be very helpful


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i adjusted the hop up and it didnt really affect much but im thinking it might be an air leak between the air nozzle and the hop up system im not sure if this has anything to do with an air leak but when i dry fired it a lot of the air came out the bottom of the hop up instead of through the barrel
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