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M4 quietning

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So I've just started into my new spotter role and I have a few questions. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

1. As I am working as a spotter I would like to make my M4 as quiet as possible so I don't give my or my shooters position away if I have to take a shot. I believe a silencer is probably a good place to start, but I have seen many different brands and types and I'm unsure as to their effectivness.

2.Also is there something I should do in regards to getting a new inner barrel? i.e one that will improve accuracy(not range)/sound suppression. With my current setup it is extremely hard to hit someone with one shot.

3. Stability of my weapon can also be an issue at times. I am considering buying a foregrip attatchment with a built in bipod to make for better stable shooting. If anyone has experience with using one could you please let me know if you thought it was useful.

Thanks! :tup:
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As already stated a suppressor with the correct baffels will reduce the muzzle report quite noticably.

Also wrapping the gun in a gun rag will reduce the overall sound aswell.

As for the gearbox there is other ways to help reduce the noise, and that is to speed things up so the noise happens for a shorter time. Trouble is they are going to cost. The way to do this..... High speed motor, hair trigger mod and an 11.1 Lipo :yup:

Other things to try.... contraversialy, reduce the fps and use a softer spring!! Wrap your hand grip in rubberised tape, don't use a vented grip bottom, seal all gaps in the gearbox, vent (dish) your cylinder head nozzle as much as possible, crown the head of your piston either convex or concave, as both these mods will deduce the amount of piston 'slap' you will get (be warned though, both these mods together will reduce the fps a small amount as you will nolonger be getting the full compression from the system), obviously sorbo or some other rubberised buffer on the cylinder/piston head, use 'heavy engineering grease' in the gearbox (you will loose abit of GB speed, but not alot especialy when it warms up, and dont use it on the Oring on the piston), fit an airbrake. (This is THE most effective way to deaden sound from an AEG, but it will kill your fps by about 50fps to be its most effective. its also wise to only use them on semi only guns due to the required settling time required by the brake), make sure the cylinder volume is matched to the barrel volume by about 1.5 to 1 (this is slightly under what I would normaly recomend but it will still power a .28 if your hop is up to scratch), use heavier ammo (like .28s)....

Those all definatly work, I know cuz I had them all fitted to my MK12 SPR a few years ago, and you could only just here the motor spin when it was held in a gloved hand :tup:
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