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M4 quietning

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So I've just started into my new spotter role and I have a few questions. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

1. As I am working as a spotter I would like to make my M4 as quiet as possible so I don't give my or my shooters position away if I have to take a shot. I believe a silencer is probably a good place to start, but I have seen many different brands and types and I'm unsure as to their effectivness.

2.Also is there something I should do in regards to getting a new inner barrel? i.e one that will improve accuracy(not range)/sound suppression. With my current setup it is extremely hard to hit someone with one shot.

3. Stability of my weapon can also be an issue at times. I am considering buying a foregrip attatchment with a built in bipod to make for better stable shooting. If anyone has experience with using one could you please let me know if you thought it was useful.

Thanks! :tup:
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I actually disagree with the answers... :p

1. Suppressors do work, if you put the right stuff in them. Some use foam and seems pleased with the results. All suppressors i've had have been working. They all muffle the sound. Not by making it lower, but it changes the pitch of the noise causing it to not travel as far as the higher pitched noise.
What i do to make them work properly is to take out the original foam and put in an old AEG-spring with burlap wrapped around it. Quite simple, to be honest. Just cut a sheet of burlap and wrap it around the spring, then put the spring back into the suppressor. Works like a charm.

2. Don't start with installing a new barrel. I'd clean the barrel like a nutcase and perhaps get a new bucking and/or nub.

3. IMO a bipod is not necessary, mostly for posing. I do recommend you to get a grip if you feel it's more comfortable and easier to hold the rifle.

You'll still have the noise from the gearbox, but that sound doesn't travel as far as the slamming sound from the barrel, which you muffle with a properly configured suppressor.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
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Oh yeah, i agree with that. A suppressor will not muffle the sound of the GB, never said it would either. ;)
It'll change the pitch of the sound that comes out of the barrel. It'll still be loud, but not as loud and it won't travel as far as the unmuffled sound would. Also, with a suppressor, you get rid of that metallic slamming you often get with a normal flash hider installed.

Just do what vindi said, he's God.
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