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M4 quietning

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So I've just started into my new spotter role and I have a few questions. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

1. As I am working as a spotter I would like to make my M4 as quiet as possible so I don't give my or my shooters position away if I have to take a shot. I believe a silencer is probably a good place to start, but I have seen many different brands and types and I'm unsure as to their effectivness.

2.Also is there something I should do in regards to getting a new inner barrel? i.e one that will improve accuracy(not range)/sound suppression. With my current setup it is extremely hard to hit someone with one shot.

3. Stability of my weapon can also be an issue at times. I am considering buying a foregrip attatchment with a built in bipod to make for better stable shooting. If anyone has experience with using one could you please let me know if you thought it was useful.

Thanks! :tup:
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Ok, i'll probably start with a suppressor and a foregrip and see how that works and then consider some Internal work after that. Thanks for the ideas guys!
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