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I want to make an M40A3 replica and i was going to use the Tokyo marui vsr 10 pro sniper rifle but I can't seem to find it any where. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Alright then what would be my best bet? Also the reason why I want to use the tm vsr 10 pro is because of the barrel shape its the same shape as the barrel on the M40A3.
Look at ehobbyasia or redwolf. Those are the companies I buy from when I can't find what I want in the US
The sites ive already checked are Also known as "Evike"

And none of them sell it. So im thinking of getting a gas powered rifle even though i want a spring for money saving. Red wolf had some similar barrel shape, but their all gas. O well I just have to settle for gas or keep looking.

*edit* I just checked and even they didnt have it so I think its discontinued. Does anyone know wher to get discontinued guns?
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Why not buy a JG BAR10 Pro if all your looking fro is barrel shape?
thank you for that other site to bad they dont have the tm vsr 10 pro. I was on tm's website but its all in japanese. And the sad part is that its in stock :(
why can't you wait till a airsoft company makes one?

I mean they make one replicas of every gun sometime.
Is tsd a good brand? I want to know how reliable they are because tsd makes a clone but I don't want to waste my money on garbage.
No, not really. I would stick with the JG clone, or the regular TM. I know lots of people like off-brands for this stuff, but you have some tiny compatibility issues that can be huge in the long run.

Tokyo Model Company had the vsr-10 pro version when I last checked.
Just buy the JG BAR10 Pro. It has the same barrel shape and higher out of the box FPS (not that is makes a difference). Only thing I would buy the TM for over a JG would be the hop up.
I agree with Cheese Man and Mgunner, buy the jg bar 10 as it is way cheaper the the vsr. And if you don't mind from ordering overseas then try, or as both always have the vsr in stock and both ship overseas (US).
Good luck!
Ya overseas is fine I was probably going to get one overseas anyway.
The fortress M40A3 common problem!

It's very easy to break in half!

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1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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