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M700 A.I.C.S Build-up Project - Suggestions, Parts

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Ok so I've decided to make myself a new marksman rifle as the spring ones I have don't satisfy my need for perfection(which I hope to achieve with this final build)

I will in the next couple days become the proud owner of a pre-ban PCS Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S(phew!)

I plan to convert this into a mini C02 Quick Change rig that I have seen other people achieve successfully as I really do not enjoy the in-consistency of gas. I also plan to take most of the rifle apart to replace with higher quality and durability parts.

The List
(note: parts I plan to purchase preferably state-side)

Nineball VSR-10 Hop-up Bucking from airsoftatlanta

Laylax 6.03, 555mm IB from airsoftatlanta

KA / SD (OEM) CNC Chamber Conversion Kit from evike

G&G Valve Knocker(1) from evike

G&G Power Pack Kit(inc listed below) from evike
- Steel Cocking Piece
- Striker Spring
- 2x Knock Arm & Plunger Sets

G&G Gas Route Connector Spring from airsoftgi

and this is where I am conflicted on which part to get

G&G Hop Up Set from airsoftgi $25.99

Creation CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber $64.99 from tacticalairsoftct(who supposedly have them in-stock)

The Creation chamber is nearly triple the price of the G&G, I have only read about the CNC and only seen positive praises, I was unaware G&G made a hop-up chamber until recently. So I ask, is it worth it?

Total Cost(excluding shipping)
Parts + G&G Hop-up - $262.96
Parts + Creation Hop-up - $301.96

Is the extra $39 worth the Creation?

I passed up the PDI 554mm 6.05/6.08 for the Laylax because
A. Double the money
B. Shipping from Japan (want this done before Christmas / Early 2012)

Other than that please post suggestions

C02 Quick Change Rig

Putting aside around $125 (according to tomanybbs build)
Will worry about the rig parts after receiving the rifle and parts

Really I just want suggestions and feedback on what I have listed so far and in-case I've missed something, Oh no!(it happens)

Well thanks for reading and posting if you do I really appreciate any feedback!
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You'll still have inconsistency with the CO2 rig.
Doesn't really tell me much, reasoning? I think it will be more consistent when going out to play in negative temperatures as well as in the 30 - 40 C climate.
metallicafatcat said:
It follows the ideal gas laws....
PV = nRT

Just remember that some G&G parts are out of spec. I'm not sure which ones, so you'll have to find out yourself.

If you haven't read this yet, it. Reezo made his G&G hop up work well, so I'm sure you can too.
Hi looking forward to see how it goes..

The G&G hop up chamber doesn't have the threaded part for the barrel lock don't know if this affect anything but I have installed the Creation on the AICS I had and the Best Gun in the Police I currently own. The difference between these 2 is that the Creation has 2 holes for the pins that holds the chamber in the receiver and the BG has only one! other than that the quality is the same and both have the thread at the front end.
If you thinking to buy a G&G heavy barrel then the chamber will be included with the barrel.

I had hard time to install the G&G Power Pack in the AICS nothing fitted! I've read that you can do modifications but then why pay all the money for something it's not a drop in when it say on the box FOR TANAKA M700!! Now if you buy each piece separately then it may fit without mods!
Weird G&G stuff!

I'm actually confused now. Are the Creation, G&G, King Arms/SD Chambers all the same part simply manufactured by different companies. Or are the Creation and G&G separate units for the rifle?

wolf you shouldn't of mentioned the heavy barrel, I'm a sucker for sexy looking rifles set because now I'm set on getting one (budget increased by $128 :'( )

However the person reviewing says:
"-Inner barrel is cut for Tanaka hop up, so if you have the King Arms hop up, the barrel is useless."

So that comes back to my other question above.

Then I found this:

The guy posts that his M700 A.I.C.S has the following parts:

Tanaka has the following upgrades:

-G&G M24 Heavy Barrel Set
-G&G Rubber set for the bolt
-G&G Valve knocker
-Polarstar Striker Spring
-King Arms VSR Conversion Chamber
-Firefly Hard Bucking
-Madbull 650mm PSG-1 Black Python II 6.03 Barrel
-CO2 rig using Palmer's Rock Regulator, 12g adapter, and microline fittings(not pictured)
-Centerpoint 4-16x40 scope
-Caldwell XLA Bipod
-Cheap paintball flash hider compression fit to the barrel
-Camo Tan paint (Stock is original shiny OD color)

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks to all posting, really need some reassurance on this project
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Nope the VSR conversion fits in all chambers as far as I know! At least fits in the Creation and Best Gun!
If you're going for the heavy barrel then the G&G is included and it's required by the barrel, at least that's what I've read somewhere.
I don't like the extra weight of the heavy barrel that's why I put the Best Gun 26 inch fluted barrel on my Police, it includes the threaded end for flash hider/ silencer.
Also buy the 9ball hard bucking is FAR better than the Furefly

Yeah I plan to, the above list was just someone else's post that I Copy pasted to show that the KA works with the G&G heavy which is disputed by someone else, but I'll go with the picture evidence that it does work. Any idea how heavy the G&G fluted is, is it detrimental to the user?

I must be awful at finding items because I cannot find an In-stock Best Gun Fluted for the A.I.C.S

Wolf I had assumed that the G&G Power Pack was just the assorted separate parts put together in a cheaper package so that people buy that instead of buying a single item.

Any thoughts on the 555mm 6.03 Laylax compared to the PDI or other companies?
I had the PDI 6.01 554mm in the AICS at the last few games it was very good, I've started to tune the Police today so I needs to break the bucking first but it's good enough.
The Best Gun parts are very hard to find these days.... Don't know why these are still in production!
Here's a photo of my Police wich it's full BG upgraded ( Hop up chamber, hop up, bucking, inner barrel and outer barrel)

And along with the AICS and showing the length difference

The BG barrel is heavier than the stock but light enough... Before I sell the AICS I was thinking to put a Heavy Barrel but it was already too heavy for all day skirmish games. The BG barrel doesn't fit in the AICS!! It's not free float and the bolt that holds the outer barrel on is located further forward than the AICS's stock barrel.
If the barrel fit in the AICS I wouldn't sell it!

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Anyway to drill the BG to fit the AICS? Does free-float add anything to the rifles performance in airsoft?

Just spent the last hour looking for a BG barrel and I can't so either I'll end up keeping the stock barrel and it will stay L96A1, if I find it light enough to carry I may later add the G&G Heavy, really just the planning stages right now.
I don't think the free float add something put it's a nice feature, you can drill the barrel but you'll leave one open hole! I don't like that!
Rifle is OTW! Will get here when it gets here and I'll start to throw together the order I want. Any further suggestions because right now I'm going to go what I have listed unless someone wants to speak up.
Change to an HPA rig is the only real thing that needs to be done to your list.
So you think I should fit it with a C02 set-up and then upgrade the internals?
No, an HPA rig will not create increased wear on the internals. It will simply provide a more inert gas to propel the rifle. CO2 is vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and cooldown, even when regulated. HPA is not.
I wanted something that I could mount on the rifle itself like the system that tomanybbs used. I won't be pouring rounds downrange with a sniper rifle so consistency shouldn't be affected as much as you would think especially with 2 regulators. Unless theres a small HPA tank that can fit on the stock of an AICS. If you can provide a solution I'm all ears but otherwise I don't see myself using HPA any time soon unless they make 12gram or small cartridges.
You do realize that regulated 12g canisters still aren't that consistent anyway? One it is past the regulators, it is still subject to temperature and other environmental factors. Just wrap the HPA line around your sling and in a little pouch and you'll probably never notice it. The problem isn't that it is a bad set up, but would never be as consistent which is needed with a sniper's rifle. The whole point with two regulators is moot as a few people I know run dual reg set ups on HPA rigs. Also, it's not the matter of it affecting consistency too much, it's the fact it affects it all. Most shots will vary from one to another, never giving you an exact idea of where the shot is going.
Woogie has a Tanaka AICS with HPA rig in the stock. Go to show me your work bench to see it and he explains there.
Here it is

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Quick google search and this was the smallest tank I could find. Would need the dimensions of the stock but I'll do that when I get it.

I'm wondering if I will have to cut the stock on the right hand side so that a small part of the tank sticks out. I'll have to wait and see.

Should I just hold off on all of the parts right now and work on the HPA first?


Check this out, this guy used a C02 tank / cartridge (doesn't make it very clear) but you can see it in the pictures.

Note warlockuy posts where he explains the variation with the C02.
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