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M700 A.I.C.S Build-up Project - Suggestions, Parts

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Ok so I've decided to make myself a new marksman rifle as the spring ones I have don't satisfy my need for perfection(which I hope to achieve with this final build)

I will in the next couple days become the proud owner of a pre-ban PCS Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S(phew!)

I plan to convert this into a mini C02 Quick Change rig that I have seen other people achieve successfully as I really do not enjoy the in-consistency of gas. I also plan to take most of the rifle apart to replace with higher quality and durability parts.

The List
(note: parts I plan to purchase preferably state-side)

Nineball VSR-10 Hop-up Bucking from airsoftatlanta

Laylax 6.03, 555mm IB from airsoftatlanta

KA / SD (OEM) CNC Chamber Conversion Kit from evike

G&G Valve Knocker(1) from evike

G&G Power Pack Kit(inc listed below) from evike
- Steel Cocking Piece
- Striker Spring
- 2x Knock Arm & Plunger Sets

G&G Gas Route Connector Spring from airsoftgi

and this is where I am conflicted on which part to get

G&G Hop Up Set from airsoftgi $25.99

Creation CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber $64.99 from tacticalairsoftct(who supposedly have them in-stock)

The Creation chamber is nearly triple the price of the G&G, I have only read about the CNC and only seen positive praises, I was unaware G&G made a hop-up chamber until recently. So I ask, is it worth it?

Total Cost(excluding shipping)
Parts + G&G Hop-up - $262.96
Parts + Creation Hop-up - $301.96

Is the extra $39 worth the Creation?

I passed up the PDI 554mm 6.05/6.08 for the Laylax because
A. Double the money
B. Shipping from Japan (want this done before Christmas / Early 2012)

Other than that please post suggestions

C02 Quick Change Rig

Putting aside around $125 (according to tomanybbs build)
Will worry about the rig parts after receiving the rifle and parts

Really I just want suggestions and feedback on what I have listed so far and in-case I've missed something, Oh no!(it happens)

Well thanks for reading and posting if you do I really appreciate any feedback!
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Seriously, just throw the tank in a hydration carrier or something. I promise you you will not notice it. And yes, I speak from experience, I recently ran my Kokusai Crimebuster with no routing for the hose short of the hydration tube port on my hydro pack. You really won't notice it.
I'm really not convinced that's what I want to do. I don't want to be attached to my rifle with some expensive rig that somehow I will manage to break.

I did find this website though they produce 2" by 8.5" HPA tanks 13cu

Could someone get me the dimensions of the Tanaka M700 AICS stock?

If you used a 12g C02 couldn't you have a regulator set-up just before the magazine so there is minimal exposure from the surrounding temperature?
There's still inside the magazine... The magazine basically creates a massive surface area for heat transfer...

Here's how I look at the HPA tank vs. CO2 thing:

HPA tank:

Fills: Free (Generally around $5)
Shots: >1000
Weight on gun: 0
Weight on back: Unnoticeable
Attachment to gun: I have a sling...

Fills: $.55
shots: I do not know, but I'm going to go with less than 100, as that 13ci is listed as 150-300 shots, unregulated co2 is at around 850 PSI, and the cartridges are significantly smaller. (I know I am using the paintball measurements from tanks, but I will assume that the change is proportional)
Weight on gun: You've got the whole f---ing system on the gun, it will be heavier.
Weight on back: 0
Attachment to gun: Everything is on the gun...

HPA is more affordable in the long run, and if you drop your gun, maybe you have to replace a QD fitting, not an entire system...
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This system seems to be the best mini C02.

I am just not convinced that I want to carry a rifle that is attached to me.
If you wear a sling....

Seriously it's not a huge deal... Especially if you use coiled air hose... It doesn't get in the way at all... Go HPA, you will thank us for not having to switch the damned little capsules, especially when it involves fiddling with stuff on your gun...
There are 8oz HPA tanks I was thinking one for my project Barrett - PolarStar its very small and it could fit in the AICS stock.
I've just sold my AICS so I can't provide any measurements.

Right now all I can find 13/3000 HPA tanks which measure 8.5" tall with 2" width.

I did find that a company called Inspire that apprently make custom mini-HPA tanks based in Europe

Really won't know until I get the rifle itself or find some dimensions to work with. I've been reading about both HPA and C02 in the M700 and people really love either or.


Found another European company that produces mini-tanks, seems like the US doesn't have any manufacturers for the smaller tanks.


Found a Canadian seller of 8ci 3000psi Tanks which may work, still looking around. The problem is I need to but a regulator for it as it doesn't come with one.

Any idea on how many shots I would be able to fire with that tank?
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Tanaka M700 AICS has arrived, pics and measurements below.

I did get some shots off in the snow (bit hard to see the BB) but it was ranging well at around 50m I was hitting a torso(tree) consistently.

Enjoy the HD!

Chassis taken apart:

Cracked hop-up chamber as seen in many Tanaka's:

Approx length before thumbhole ~6inches:

Approx width of stock ~1inch:

Approx length of stock ~4inches:

Having never handled an L96 type I was surprised to see this inner chassis(taken apart):

And a weight in the recoil pad, I think its aluminum and quite hefty. It's glued in there so I'll have to work careful when I try to get it out:

Just have a look and I'll post some more details later tonight when I have the time!

I don't think I'll be getting any type of tank into the stock since they're all 1.5+ inches in diameter.
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Just use the room in the chassis and put the tank in there. Go onto the bad ASF and look up Airsoft Target Gun. He did exactly that. Or, likewise, my tanaka thread in the gallery has how it would look without the body panels, and just picture an HPA rig in the space in the butt.
Here's the 8ci HPA 3000psi tank

I was looking for these when I found out about the P* Fusion engine and thought the possibility to run the rig inside the Barrett's body.

Ask Woogie to explain how it's fitted on his AICS.

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Dammit Cheese Man I thought I was being original when I did this:

Thanks for raining on my parade :(
Here's egalism's am I allowed to post links to other forums?

Anyways egalism is using a C02 set-up which is tiny I was hoping to use an HPA tank so here's a picture of a mock 13/3000 HPA tank not entirely up to spec(note: regulator is attached to the length but would be much skinnier):

I might just have to order a Ninja 13/3000 HPA tank(pre-installed with reg) and see what I can do with it. was actually out of stock of G&G rubber set and Creation chamber. Ordered instead from DENTrinity.

Misc parts for the AICS coming in from Evike and airsoftgi and airsoftatlanta.

Be sure to check the CA M24 thread I'll be making this friday to see if I can fit some branded mags into it. Haven't actually fired the rifle after sinking ~$1000 into it because no one had CA M24 mags :-/
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No prob. ;)

I actually really like the idea, and I was very sad when I couldn't put the tank in the stock. For attaching the grip, you should use something like jb-weld, and then use bolts or something. I used shoe goo and it held okay, but i had to re-do it a few times. I would recomend buying a bolt, and replacing one of the bolts that goes to hold the stock tgether with a longer one and screwing it through the grip, because there is a LOT of stress being put on that exact spot, every time you pick it up.
Ok I just installed the SD Nozzle, Hop-up + VSR Nineball and TB but I'm having a little trouble figuring out how the G&G powerpack is installed, anyone have a guide I can follow on how to install it?
Here's a guide but the images are missing...

Basically first remove the base plate then unscrew the alen bolt at the bb strip, then remove the outer mag shell.
From there unscrew the 4 Philips screws and you gain access to the mags internals, from there you replace as you see the parts.

Remember how you remove the plunger. Also the strike plate will be replaced by the knock arm so you'll have leftovers!

Sorry I can't help you more, it's been some time since I installed the Power Pack and I sold it with the AICS a few week ago.

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The forum stopped working last night but thanks wolf I managed to figure it all out and after putting all the parts in the gun would cock but it would not fire. So I took everything out except for the magazine striker set and it works fine.

Anyways after 30 seconds of drilling I came up with a weak system simply for me to look at.

I love the look of it so I'll probably order some sort of Battle grip without all grooves and dents for a nice marksman platform.

Then I'll find myself an HPA tank that is shorter than 9 inches and I'll see where it goes from there.


I noticed the exposed areas on the bone of the AICS so I plan to cut part of the outer frame so that I have a trigger guard + trigger box/mag release protection.

Cutting along the red-lines once I have the new grip installed.

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Haven't forgotten about this just haven't had the time I wanted to make this happen.

I've got an AR-15 A2 Pistol Grip on the way and when I get back I'll have another AICS(thanks woogie) and a HPA tank+set-up to play around with. Also have an IR-Hop in mind and getting a range-finder to get some accurate measurements of accuracy/distance once everything is set-up.

Will be back on the 26th, can't wait to make this happen!
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