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First is my KJW M700 rifle.
It's a nice rifle, looks and shoots good, very quiet.

I've hit targets at approx. 220 ft with no problem with .30g Madbull bb's & .28g Elite. Chrono's in about 430fps with those heavier bb's
Rifle has a 6.03mm, 650mm Madbull innerbarrel, two working gas mags, custom V nub, 3-9 x 40 scope, harris-style bipod, mock silencer.

Older photos of the same rifle:

I'm probably going to sell this rifle. Mainly because it doesn't suit my playing style. I think I'm going to get a slightly upgraded VSR style rifle for plinking and occasional game.
I think this KJW would be incredible with an external, regulated airsource. It already shoots really well, just imagine with
a few mods. I have some locals interested in it...see if I can sell her at the next big op.
Some are encouraging me to keep, but if I continue sniping, I just want a simplier, shorter rifle and stalk more than sit and shoot.
I guess be more of a marksman.

The next rifle is my old Bar10. I enjoyed it. Had a M190 spring in it. Was my first airsoft rifle, so I really did under estimate it's power. Fortunately enough I never shot someone with in 100 feet with it. I dropped it down to M170...
full Laylax internals and a 303mm PDI barrel.

I sold her to check out gas rifles, since I use to play paintball for years, I was very familiar with HPA set ups and had all the parts to run an external airsource.


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Nice boomsticks, Explosive. I like the paint on the Bar10. Could you possibly expand on your experience with HPA airsoft rifles? I've been thinking about building one myself. Is most of the trouble just replacing the seals with hose attachments? I feel like after that's done, putting on a regulator and whatnot would be easy.

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funny how the KJW paintjob looks better in person than the BAR 10's...

replacing seals? where? in the rifle or HPA rig?

in the HPA rig there's nothing to it. There's tiny orings in the quick disconnects that need changing every few months.
That takes 2 seconds and a dental pick to do.

As for rifle seals. I just coated the lightly with Dow33 grease I got from Grainger (common grease used in paintball for over 10 years). Never put the input pressure over 100-110 psi and if the seals are properly cared for there will be no issues. One experience was a leaky mag when I hooked up air to it. It took me all of 5 minutes to disassemble the mag, lube the seal, put it back together and hook air up again. Never had another issue from that mag.

check out this article if you have not seen it before.
Constructing a HPA Air Rig

Last time I looked there's some paintball companies making HPA tanks in Olive, dust black and they will fit into the palm of your hand (tiny).

IF you have common access to a well run paintball field, than using HPA will be no issue. I play airsoft on a paintball field a few times a month, so there's HPA fills at the field. I recommend it over CO2, though if HPA fills are difficult, then the next best option is at Wal-Mart there are 4oz CO2 canisters (disposable) for sale $5-10 for two.
That would last an entire 2 day event more than likely. The most air lost and waste will come from mag changing
when you have to pop the air lines (you'll need a slide check on the remote hose).

There's more...let me know specifically what you want to know more about.

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I would love too know more!

I have been looking into HPA/Co2 rigs for awhile, there is one thing that I have never found when I searched though. How does the HPA effect the barrel in terms of rusting or anything of that sort? Should I be more cautious with my barrels when using an HPA rig? Also I know you said it takes 5 minutes too break down a mag if it needs too be lubed, where should I lube the mag exactly? I know that the O rings would be a good start, but any other important places?

Beautiful rifles man! I assume you did this with an airbursh? Great work on both of the rifles!


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I saw the sale thread for that bar-10 a while back on ASF, and was seriously considering buying it just for the paint job. Too bad I'm not that impractical

Nice rifles! Good luck on whatever you choose

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vindicareassassin said:
sticks13 said:
Beautiful rifles man! I assume you did this with an airbursh? Great work on both of the rifles!

If your clever, you can achieve those results with spray tins
though it does require a bit of practice ;)
I don't know where to start? I'm CLEVER though!!!

I use to airbrush years back - still will sometimes. I spray duracoat on paintball guns and rifles once in a blue moon these days (not for free, not cheap),

but both those airsoft rifles are done with 3-5 cans of rattle can spray paint.

For that KJW I took a series of photos to make a 'how to' tutorial on
painting your sniper rifle. I've seen a dozen or so how to's but all blah, blah, blah.

I got word from BrainPlay on ASF that he's going to make a highly detailed
how to on gas rifles. He's going to show how to change out the striker, modify the rifles to work better, lube the seals etc etc.

As for the seals, a light, light coat on the seals around the mags back plate
keeps the mags happy and leak free. A tiny drop of silicon, synthetic oil (sold for paintball guns) where you fill the mag at is also a good idea.
Do it once every dozen or so uses, but do it with the mag empty.
Dry fire the rifle a couple times, then clean the barrel and hop up gentle.

If you clean your barrel after use, like you should as a "sniper"
then there's no concern for corrosion in the barrel.
Now not too famaliar with brass barrels in airsoft, but in paintball
every once and awhile we'd braso (polish) the inner barrel & it
made a difference in accuracy.

zulu: yep, I was trying to sell that rifle on ASF earlier this year.
I had a M190 in it and it was insanely hot for local games. I sold
to a local who enjoys it these days. He tuned it down to legal limits.

Coming from paintball I really wanted a "gas" rifle to mess with.
Both rifles have their pros and cons, honestly both (gas/spring) are real nice to use.
My beef with the KJW is, it's 10" longer than a VSR 10 Gspec. The mags
have 10 rounds/bb's. You need a HPA rig to make it consistant and accurately adjust power output for heavier bb usage.
I'm not oppose to the HPA rig at all. That was my initial plain and why
I got the rifle. Now I just don't think the rifle suits me, or
my move and shoot, sneak around and pop someone style of play.
I think a VSR with 20+ bb's in the mag, lighter, shorter will fit the bill.
Not everybody plays the same way.

I am also in the middle of a DMR kit project.

it is tempting to keep the KJW and do this to it.

Need to find a machinist who can do the work. cut the barrel down to 18 inches and rethread the end. I just don't want to put more money into a rifle I will seldom use. ???
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