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M700 and Bar10

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First is my KJW M700 rifle.
It's a nice rifle, looks and shoots good, very quiet.

I've hit targets at approx. 220 ft with no problem with .30g Madbull bb's & .28g Elite. Chrono's in about 430fps with those heavier bb's
Rifle has a 6.03mm, 650mm Madbull innerbarrel, two working gas mags, custom V nub, 3-9 x 40 scope, harris-style bipod, mock silencer.

Older photos of the same rifle:

I'm probably going to sell this rifle. Mainly because it doesn't suit my playing style. I think I'm going to get a slightly upgraded VSR style rifle for plinking and occasional game.
I think this KJW would be incredible with an external, regulated airsource. It already shoots really well, just imagine with
a few mods. I have some locals interested in it...see if I can sell her at the next big op.
Some are encouraging me to keep, but if I continue sniping, I just want a simplier, shorter rifle and stalk more than sit and shoot.
I guess be more of a marksman.

The next rifle is my old Bar10. I enjoyed it. Had a M190 spring in it. Was my first airsoft rifle, so I really did under estimate it's power. Fortunately enough I never shot someone with in 100 feet with it. I dropped it down to M170...
full Laylax internals and a 303mm PDI barrel.

I sold her to check out gas rifles, since I use to play paintball for years, I was very familiar with HPA set ups and had all the parts to run an external airsource.

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Nice boomsticks, Explosive. I like the paint on the Bar10. Could you possibly expand on your experience with HPA airsoft rifles? I've been thinking about building one myself. Is most of the trouble just replacing the seals with hose attachments? I feel like after that's done, putting on a regulator and whatnot would be easy.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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