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M700 how do I load BB's with out taking the magazine out

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Hello I have been thinking of a way to fully load my kjw M700 with out having to take to magazine out and not doing it one by one. I just cant seem to think of any ways to do it other then a small tube with a slight bend in it.

I have been searching the internet for a few hours now but cant come up with anything.

Does anyone know of any place that has a "how to" for loading your m700 with the mag still on?

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Maybe you could fashion some sort of tube that attaches to a speed loader so that you can just pull the bolt back and load the whole magazine. It would be tricky, but could probably be done (a lot better than loading one by one). Why don't you want to take the magazine out to load it?
just thinking that if I can load it with out taking the mag out i might be able to some how run the HPA/co2 rig 100% internally.

Of course getting the airline from the stock past the trigger assembly to the mag will be another problem. And then figuring how to attach the airline to the Mag will be another thing to overcome as regular fittings are too big
You would still have to have a small macro-line come out of the stock and attach to the bottom of the magazine. That would still leave room to take the mag out.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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