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I'm selling my old HPA setup for my HPA KJW m700. Details are on the Ebay page.

The other stuff I am selling is my random KJW m700 parts that can nearly make a fully functional gun. You have to buy the whole group of items if you want a peice from the group. If you want to buy the HPA tank/reg, just bid for it on Ebay. The parts include:

HPA tank/reg link:

Group 1: [KJW m700 Stock w/ silencing foam & custom 45 degree rail (painted), Black Hawk Harris Bipod]-$21+s&h

Group 2: [KJW m700 Bolt w/ GG striker spring, KJW m700 trigger box]-$10+s&h

Group 3: [Tanaka m700 28 rd magazine HPA tapped]-$25+s&h (New this goes for over $100)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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