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I have a KJW M700 and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I should purchase for upgrades. I am looking for a good silencer and a nice tightbor barrel, so if anyone has the sites to these items please posts and some other suggestions are fine to like powerbolts or a ghillie suit.

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For the ghillie suit, make one. They are actually easier to make then what it seems. It just takes some dedication. You can get the supplies from any wal mart and home depot. Check out the concealment section and you will find some helpful tutorials or just look it up on google.

For the m700 upgrades, try I know they have some tanaka m700 upgrades ( ) but am not sure if they are compatible or not. If they are, check that site out, and see if they have anything you would want.

Edit: Just looked at See if they have anything you would want from there; here is the link:
Look in the inner barrel section for the tightbore, there are some 6.01mm barrels you might like. Do some searching around the site, they have lots of goodies

Just make sure the parts are compatible with your rifle.

Hope I helped


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I just received my KJW M700 this week, with the following upgrades:

Nineball VSR Hop Up Bucking - Parafrog - $14.99 Sorry no link, you have to call them to order it - 865-330-0226

G&G Power Pack kit - AirsoftGI - $59.99

ASGI 6.03 TBB - AirsoftGI - $31.00 (w/ all VSR cuts)

ASGI 6.01 TBB Version - $45 Currently out of stock

Tanaka 29 rd Magazine - EVIKE - $85

4-16X40MM Centerpoint Scope - - $64.00 u=10248654

Matrix "Harris Style" Bipod - EVIKE - $40

I hope to start putting it all together sometime this weekend...

If you would like (I dont like them but you may), you could get an HPA system. Iv'e heard good things about them. And I would heavily consider buying from Evike. Iv'e had horrible experiances with them...

If need be, moderators, delete this. It may be unrelated. Sorry if it is.
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