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M82 accessories

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here are some pics of some M82 stuff i have. ill get pics of the gun when i get it back. so heres some stuff to hold you guys off till then.

The lower receiver is currently in the shop, so the gun isnt here.

everything looks kinda blue cause of the wierd quality of the camera i was using so keep in mind that the colors are a little differant in person.
i forgot what the scale said but i think it was like 16oz for the sling, very heavy.

close up on the cheek pad and the comparason with the 8mm and 6mm bbs
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sorry, i will edit your post saying why your gun isnt here.

hey Pearl... what do you use that scale for? ;)
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um... for weighing stuff

i dont do drugs if that is what you are implying...
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i dont do drugs if that is what you are implying...
You may not do them.. but do you sell them? That's a mighty expensive rifle hehe. ;)
haha no! i dont sell that crap either. im 17 so i live with my parents and dont have to pay bills, got a job, raked in some cash and several months later, had the cash to pay for it.
Im contemplating about selling my Maruzen and saving for an M82. Would you suggest i do this?
well that really depends on how dedicated you are with being a sniper. ive heard some guys talking about you (all good things) and from what i hear, your quite a sniper! using the M82 does present its chalanges though. you can say goodbye to running far distances, playing in thickly wooded areas, and in SOME urban areas. ive used my M82 in a CQB setting before, i just picked a spot near the cealing where there was a scaffalding thing and snipped down on the enemy assult teams walking by. it is obviously a larger weapon so what i did was i bought a real steal M82A1 webbing kit which came with the muzzle protector, cheek pad, and the massive sling (which is actually very comfortable) the kit has to be ordered from the Barrett website directly and costs like 60 bucks but its really worth it. because i shoot real guns, i have the habbit of keeping the weapon slung muzzle down (which is what you should be doing anyway) so the muzzle protector is great in that respect of keeping crap out of the massive muzzle break. then, when you find a nice spot, you just take the protector off. also because the gun is mostly made out of metal and the resivior is in the stock, it can make your cheek very very cold! so the cheek pad is great for keeping your face from freezing. you will also have to get used to carrying around two extra guns (if you dont already do so) you will need a sidearm, auxillary gun, and the m82.

i love my M82 now but it took some getting used to at first. plus it scares the crap out of noobies which makes me happy
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Im certainly dedicated to sniping, i take great care of my rifles and they are very well maintained. In comparison to the M82 and a basic gas rifle, how much better does the M82 perform?
eh... the rumors are true. VFC made A LOT of "lemons" so you would be lucky to get one that works the way it should, i was blessed and got one in absolute perfect condition! yay! in terms of out-of-the-box performance, the thing shoots at ~480 fps with a .34 gram 8mm bb which is nice cause the 8mms carry a lot more energy than the 6mms do so you feel a lot more pain with that rifle which is a nice touch. the gun is virtully silent (one of the reasons i wanted to get that blowback kit) id say it compairs to my silenced M700 :-/ so some more noise would be appreataited but whatever. im currently looking for a .50 cal looking airsoft suppressor that i can use for it (maybe, i do like the massive muzzle break though) one more thing that i dont like about it is that there is a severe lack of upgraded parts, i did find a company that makes tightbores for the beast but there out of stock and may not be able to make more till the end of march! oh well, ive got patiance. i can easily hit something 100 yds away (which is what my scope is zeroed at anyway) i havnt checked its groupings in at 100 yds but i know that at 100 ft the groupings are at about 4 inches when fired quickly, about 10 (i rarely fill the mag to the top) rounds in under 20 seconds. so its a very good gun out of the box and when i can get my hands on a tightbore, it will only get better!

the trigger pull is kind of disapointing as it is a good 10 pounds of pull before the sears disconnect and the round is fired. the mags are really hard to find and really expencive when you finally do find them, around 150 bucks shipped from japan)
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dude, thats really powerful.. I would not want to get hit with one of those! How Heavy is it? 10 pound trigger pull? I thought my TM Vsr-10 pro has alot of trigger pull.
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