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M933 carbine fore end

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I'm looking to get hold of a M933 style fore end or upper (or body kit if I have to), does anyone know where I could possibly find one in the UK, preferably under £80 with shipping?
also, carbine DMR thread?
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Errrrr, don't know about that forend, I'll do some checking. As for the carbine DMR thread, have you read THE Ultimate Guide To Building Your AEG DMR?
Thanks, I can find whole rifles but I will be HPAing it do I don't need the whole thing really (though if I have the cash I might well go for it).
I have read the holy grail but I have a major thing for the XM117 & flat tops, I only want a short range carbine that can pull off some good shots.

Ok, gotcha. Not a fan of the XM117 myself, but whatever floats your boat.

too much Black Hawk Down if I'm honest.

now I'm jealous of you Americans & the deals you get, sincerely thanks though
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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