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m93r aka: The Raffica

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Currently considering the KWA m93r for a side arm. Anyone have any experience with this weapon? looking for both positive and negative reviews. I personally have a fetish for this gun as my uncle owns one irl.
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I borrowed my friends KWA M93r one game and I loved how it performed. Accuracy was not too bad but whatever it was lacking you could make up for in sheer volume of fire. Seeing as this is the sniper forums, I'll assume you are using it for your sniper kit; using a gun like the M93 can be a great advantage because it allows you to use a side arm to put many more rounds downrange than before and far more than the opposition was probably expecting.

Personally its not my style, but it is quite the effective little pistol on the field! Thumbs up for the Raffica from me!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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