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Well you guys have seen it and now it is back up here

Still looking for another project, as I have gotten this one done and the L96 done. So now I am wanting something else to do. Wouldn't mind another MK96 to be honest, want to make that one really short. ;)

But what I am really wanting is an AEG of some kind. The games are getting faster paced here in my area, and my guard unit is looking more into air soft for our CQB training. So an M4 of some kind would be ideal, but not my only option.

So here is what I have done to the rifle as of right now......

The rifle started out as a bone stock Snow Wolf M99.
The rifle was then customized a little bit. But everything that has been done can be replaced.
The original outer barrel was removed and was stripped and then polished. The flutes in the barrel are still a black color.
The muzzle break hasn't been touched and is still in good condition.

I have put a set of Gaurner APS-2 stainless steel sears.
I have also used the barrel from a MK96 and shortened the overall length of the barrel.
I have also made a custom MOCK MOCK suppressor for the end of the barrel.
The MOCK suppressor is bolted to the outer barrel by 3 hex bolts.
The bolts go through the suppressor and then through the outer barrel.
There is no contact between the bolts and the inner barrel.
This makes the outer barrel apart of the entire rifle and there is no wobble what so ever.
I have removed the spot where the original bi-pod attached, and have mounted a single bi-pod stud.
I also have an Aero Chamber for the rifle as well.
I have made it work with the PDI 6.01mm x 303mm inner barrel.
There was nothing done to either the chamber or the barrel. So everything is as new as well there.
I still have the original inner barrel, and it is still in good condition.

I have the pics here in another thread, so if you need them I can link them to you. I haven't fixed the trigger mech as of yet, as I just got back from drill and have some things that need to be done before I can get to that.

With all of the parts and what not would like to get around $300, that is with shipping. Though if there are parts that you don't want in the rifle, just let me know and we can work something out.

If you have a rifle that is worth more than my rifle is worth, I have a few other things that I can add to as well. I am thinking mainly of my Traxxas Rustler electric RC truck.
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Interested in a GHK V.2 AK74?

I know it's not an AEG, but hey, it's at least more fun than one.
I can't say I honestly know what that is man.

Send me a pic of what it is. You have me interested.
It's a gas rifle if I'm not mistaken. I used to have one.
woogie said:
I can't say I honestly know what that is man.

Send me a pic of what it is. You have me interested.
I can tell you that it is THIS exact rifle, . I googled it and it was the first thing to come up.
That is a sweet looking rifle, though I don't like gas assult rifles though :S

Still wanting to get my hands on a KART JAE M14 though ;) I want to mod a boltie to work in her. So if anyone has something like that, just let me know.
Yup he got it right, it is his as long as I get my stuff

I have in the past so this thing is as good as gone!

Thanks a ton man!
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I wouldn't do deal with woogie, he rips people off all the time ;) lol
LOL .... Gee thanks...

This will be what your 3rd woogie rifle?
Either 3rd or 2nd lol You start losing track lol
Well rifle has been shipped out to gorem.

So no longer up for sale!

Thanks man
Sucks to be Gorem. . .Ima steal it in the Mail >:D
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