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Madbull Barrels

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Hey guys, I have a stock m14 veteran that I would like to get just a tad more accuracy out of. Been thinking of getting a new barrel and I was looking at the Madbull V2 black python and the Madbull Ultimate barrels.

Anyone have experience with these two barrels?

And are there any others I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance.

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I just put an AK length V2 in my ASR and it has been above par from what I expected. It has performed better than the polished barrels that I have installed in the same gun (DBCustom, Classic Army and the stock barrel), although I still have not decided if it is performing better than the PDI that I polished and installed in my G36.

P.S. I just noticed that this was your first post, be sure to get over to the beginners section to make an intro post next time you get on so that we can learn a little about where you are coming from and what you are looking for ;-) Welcome to the forum!
I have used the MadBull in my TM AK to great success... the biggest drawback is the inner barrel is coated with something inside and out... (lets call it teflon... doubt it is though) and over time the coating wears out affecting the trajectory of your rounds. Instead of scrapping or replacing the barrel.. I polished the crap out of it.. ( ) This has allowed me to triple its life span.

Now... I don't own a G&G M14.. I own several TM M14's and the cut for the hop-up on the inner barrel is different than your standard AEG. So my question to you is does the G&G version use standard AEG hop-up cut or the M14 hop-up cut? If it uses the standard AEG cut your barrel choices are almost unlimited.. But would highly recommend Prometheus or other Stainless Steel barrels.

If it uses the M14 Hop-Up Cut I would recommend these inner barrels...

6.05mm x 500mm ASH (M14) $36 (I have this on a couple)
6.03mm x 500mm EG (M14) $57 Only.htm

PDI Precision inner Barrel
6.01mm x 450mm (M14) $139
6.01mm x 500mm (M14) $152
6.01mm x 560mm (M14) $169
6.05mm x 450mm (M14) $98
6.05mm x 500mm (M14) $112
6.05mm x 560mm (M14) $123 (have this one in my primary)

Deepfire Stainless Steel
6.02mm x 500mm (M14) $41
6.04mm x 500mm (M14) $41 (trying this one out for shits & Giggles) 14_500mm.htm


A note on Inner Diameter..

A 6.01mm is not necessary in any way shape or form!

I would recommend nothing tighter than a 6.03mm
and strongly encourage a 6.05mm.

There is documented accuracy testing that says the most accurate inner barrel is 6.08mm diameter.

Vindi may be a great source for more information.
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Thanks for the info guys! I'll go post in the introduction thread too.
You might have already decided what barrel you want to get, but I want to put my two cents in. I have PDI, Edgi, and Prommy barrels. Since you have a M14, I would assume you would want to fire it on full auto, and in that case I would recommend using a 6.03 barrel or 6.05. You could use a 6.01 but firing full auto on with a 6.01 might make your gun subject to jamming (maybe). The tighter the inner barrel, the more FPS, and the larger the inner barrel (to a point) the more accurate something is. Anyway, from experience PDI is the BEST but most expensive, Edgi is good too, and Prommy is good and the least expensive. I have heard mad-bull is decent and and fairly cheap. Hope this helps.
Get the madbull and you wont be upset.

I have one in all my rifles now, and they are great. The best for my rifles has been the 6.03 inner barrel.
Ditto on the madbull barrels. Read Vindi's guide on building a dmr, lot of information is there.
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