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Madbull Heavyweights?

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So after searching for a new BB..i've pretty much come full circle and hit a dilemma. Quality light bb or average heavy weight?

I've been trying to use the search function to gather an opinion on whether madbulls are acceptable, search doesn't work. But I did find a couple of posts where people had acknowledged that the .4s have had a color change, and made note of the bb's imperfections. So are madbull .4s still considered a good heavy weight? Or is it best to just go with a high quality .30?
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If your budget isn't too much, I'd pick up some Bioval 0.30g AND MadBull 0.40g and try both out and see how you like them. You're right, the environmental factors and the way your gun shoots might give you a different experience than others.

I've used MadBull 0.40g and while they are certainly far from the best, they did well in my high FPS set-up and I was pleased with the results.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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