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Madbull Heavyweights?

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So after searching for a new BB..i've pretty much come full circle and hit a dilemma. Quality light bb or average heavy weight?

I've been trying to use the search function to gather an opinion on whether madbulls are acceptable, search doesn't work. But I did find a couple of posts where people had acknowledged that the .4s have had a color change, and made note of the bb's imperfections. So are madbull .4s still considered a good heavy weight? Or is it best to just go with a high quality .30?
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.4 Biovals are your best bet, I think(?) they're Tan in colour. Anything below a .36 will be greatly effected by the wind and since this isn't real bullets we're shooting predicting the flight path of a spinning spherical BB can be difficult.
I do want to point out as I have in the past that the .40g Madbulls have quite a few "micro" dents and very inconsistent air bubbles in them. This is due to the soft nature of the actual material used in the BB.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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