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Madbull Heavyweights?

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So after searching for a new BB..i've pretty much come full circle and hit a dilemma. Quality light bb or average heavy weight?

I've been trying to use the search function to gather an opinion on whether madbulls are acceptable, search doesn't work. But I did find a couple of posts where people had acknowledged that the .4s have had a color change, and made note of the bb's imperfections. So are madbull .4s still considered a good heavy weight? Or is it best to just go with a high quality .30?
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I used the Madbull .4s and .43s; I was less than amazed by them. Thy give OK performance if you wash them. However, for high quality heavy weights I would go with Bioval. I have had amazing results from their .3s, and I have heard that they are working on some new stuff either .4=/+ or dimpled BBs.
When I tried the Madbulls (0.4 and 0.43) the issue I was having wasn't range as much as accuracy. The range was actually very consistant (in terms of force and where they were dropping) but the goups were relatively large, and there were always fliers. This would probably only be amplified by wind.

If youre in the LA area it would probably be worth stopping by Evike or Airsoft GI and just get a few bags, I think AEX Torrence had a sample bag with different weights and types in it when I was there... years ago.
Good choice with the Biovals; and don't forget to make an intro post... still...
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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