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Madhatta - new guy :P

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Hey all, I am horrible with intros so I stole it from the sticky post
. Here goes nothing.

Name : Anthony but everyone calls me AJ

Callsign: Madhatta or AppleJuice

Experience : About a year of backyard airsoft, no real team or anything just a bunch of friends seeing who has to best shot, etc. Used to use a modded M4 recently decided to try out sniper bought a MP001 cause it was cheap and lots of people said it was a good beginner gun. I am a current Enlisted in the USMC, boot camp in Aug of this year ^^.

You're arsenal : Cheapo DEagle(just for fun), my M4, and a MP001 when it comes on thurs.

Your camo : I use some old air force cammies my grandpa had laying around, woodland kind of stuff, linking about making a gillie depends on if I get really into sniping or not.

What are your other hobbies?: Computers, electronics, that sort of thing.

Where do you live? : WI, USA

Got any questions feel free to ask ;)

**fixed the "i" to "I" thing ^^**
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Hey there and welcome to the forum! =) Hope you find all the answers you need from here when it comes to airsoft sniping. ^^ Try to remember Big I letters. =)
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