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Making Burlap Strips?

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I am making a ghillie and am currently putting all of my jute onto my netting. I also want to add burlap strips into the mix because it will cover up more space and look a little more natural in leafy environments, even with veggies.

I have been destringing my burlap into jute, but how do you make burlap strips? Do you use some sort of spray glue so the strips don't fall apart and dye it like that?
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As said it won't come undone totally depending on whats used.
If you buy the rolls of coloured burlap/hessian this tends to fray more but is already in the width you want so only need cut to length.(Im not keen on this stuff but have used it to make suits for someone else at there request)
Your best using hessian sand bags like these ..

The colours vary and depending on how you want the suit you don't need to dye much. I would also cut them shorter than 1 food though,i think mine were only about 20cm and i then folded and attached it on the middle part.

Have a look at the ghillie pictures thread (page 19)this is how I made mine, I only used sand bags as this is how the british army mainly make theres they don't use stranded hessian. The ends stray and some bits will stay totally but in the main they stay together quite well which gives a good mix of textures.
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Its all personal preference and where its to be used that makes the decision at the end of the day.

The first ghillie I made was a stranded version, but if didn't think it preformed that well where I played(quite thick woodland with lots of ferns) and for my next I searched online and in books for as much info as possible, and decided to go with a stripped version.

Which I found works perfectly in the uk woodlands.

I cant find the picture now as the forum has gone but one of the uk snipers had one of the best ghillie i have ever seen his was made from moss weed and stalker grass,as he played in lots of openish grass parts.when lying down even in open grass it was extremely hard to spot him.

He also made a autumn suit which was strand like mine but about twice as wide and long in a darker brown colour which was extremely good.
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