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Making Burlap Strips?

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I am making a ghillie and am currently putting all of my jute onto my netting. I also want to add burlap strips into the mix because it will cover up more space and look a little more natural in leafy environments, even with veggies.

I have been destringing my burlap into jute, but how do you make burlap strips? Do you use some sort of spray glue so the strips don't fall apart and dye it like that?
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I'm specifically trying not to fray the burlap to make it look more leafy.
Then it will come undone and I will be leaving a trail of burlap that was not tied on and was just weaved in with the rest. I want to keep the burlap strips as they are so they look sort of leafy and not completely grassy.
Oh, you don't understand what I mean by "burlap strips." I'm talking about getting the burlap cloth, getting foot long pieces about one inch wide, and tying those on without destringing. I have already put on a bunch of destrung burlap.
Wesly that was what I was looking for. Couldn't quite explain it rigt for some reason. I tried spray painting before, and like I expected, because paint isn't a glue, it doesn't work. Either way I am planning on using dye so I don't want it spray painted.

And Fuzzy, I think mine might not be a tight weave but it's not loose either. It holds when I move it around but when I go to tie it on it comes undone.
@Cheese - It depends on hoe many coats of the paint you put in. I might have been using a weaker paint or something than you. Either way as the paint wears of it will destring itself over time anyway. - @Fuzzy - I am on a very tight budget and I got the burlap already so I can' just go and get more in a tighter weave. And if memory serves it was only in light brown/tan.
No problem ranger. I was going to go to joann fabrics actually to get it but I went to home depot because it's a bit cheaper there for me. I might go to joann's to get the darker colors, but I still want a way to make sure it never falls apart, like spray glue or something. Over time it will come undone if it gets snagged on bushes constantly.

i've actually been making the jute strings a foot and a half then tie them at the middle of the string to the net. And I wan only planning on dying like 5-10% because I want to keep it mostly tan so I can just add veggies.

What ghillie pictures thread would you be talking about?
Nice ghillie. I'm going for 80% strands and 20% strips. Besides veggies of course.
I don't have the budget to get a bunch of different burlaps to see what I like. I guess I'll go full stranded and veggie now. I am keeping the entire ghillie the original tan/light brown for the fall and added veggies in the warmer months. No dyed jute or burlap in it.
1 - 9 of 22 Posts
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